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Complicated Gods

As said in a previous post on dualism, deity is a pretty steep/deep topic for me. They can be really complicated when trying to explain to folks, and it really sends you down a rabbit hole that could drive you bonkers.

I consider myself a “hard polytheist,” meaning that I believe all deities are separate entities and have their own personalities, traits, desires, needs, quirks, etc. But, at the same time, I believe that all of the deities Whom I honor are not so separate. It’s a bit of a paradox.

Each of Them – my Goddess and my God – can be viewed as “triple deities” along a spectrum of ages or lifespan. There is a Maiden, a Mother/Warrior/Queen and a Crone, as well as a Youth, a Father/Warrior/King and a Sage.

However, the Maiden, the Mother/Warrior/Queen and the Crone are also not the same being, as they all exist simultaneously. Mother/Warrior/Queen is considered one of The Shining Ones (the Gods), or the Tuatha de Danann, and thus abides in Sceadhame (or Star Home). The Crone is considered Queen of Elfhame, and thus lives in Elfhame (or Elf Home). Maiden travels the three worlds of Sceadhame, Middle World and Elfhame, spending a lot of Her time in Middle World, because She desires pleasure and play. The exact same thing can be said for each of the Lad, Father/Warrior/King and Sage.

And taking this idea even further, God and Goddess are both separate and the same. Both came from The Great Progenitor, or the Creatrix, or what we might call Mother Before Creation. Both were born of Her womb. So They are brother and sister, and yet they are lovers, as well as husband and wife. Except that they may not always be perceived as a female/male pair, either. Sometimes, they are perceived as male/male and sometimes female/female. Other times, they may be completely androgynous.

One of the wackier things is this: our Gods aren’t just Gods, They’re also Ancestors, and They’re the Fey. According to legend, the Tuatha de Danaan, or the Shining Ones, are literally our Ancestors. We are descended from Them by blood. Literally, physically descended from Them. So those Shining Ones in Sceadhame are our Gods and our Ancestors. And those Ancestors in Elfhame are our Gods and our Ancestors.

And in a sense, being descended from the Gods, we are thus Gods ourselves. Our Gods do not desire for us to bow down and grovel to Them. In fact, if we did, we’d be reprimanded for it. Our Gods desire us to be part of the family – and They want us to treat Them that way when we call Them or speak to Them. They enjoy getting drunk just like we do, and just like any other “Momma Bear,” They ain’t putting up with you fucking with Their kids! LOL

Our Gods are complicated and paradoxical! LOL

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