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Why You Should Treat Magick Like An Experiment

I know – we all have goals. And one of the many reasons that we get into magick is to achieve those goals. It doesn’t just support us psychologically while we’re trying to move forward in our lives. There is an actual, almost-tangible, THING that happens when we start to use magick to achieve the things we desire.

That is: no matter what you call it (God, Spirit, Source), the Universe rallies behind us, and backs us up.

One of the biggest of those hurdles that I see in the magickal/occult communities nowadays is that we take everything way too seriously. Especially for folks just beginning their magickal journey.

I like to think that magick “skews odds,” but it does more than that. If you’re a Witch that has practiced for a while, you can literally rearrange entire situations with magick, and never have to lift a mundane finger to do it. I’ve seen it happen over and over again. It’s about more than just shifting odds in your favor. I’ve seen things happen that other people call “miracles,” and it’s because of magick in certain situations.

So, yes, I think God/Goddess/Universe/Source/Spirit/Whatever-You-Call-It makes things happen for us. If we play our cards right. But it takes our participation.

I’ve gotten slightly off track from the original point of this post, I suppose.

What I’m really saying is: we take things way too seriously.

When you’re just getting on your magickal feet, it’s easy to get into the I need this to happen now mindset. But when we do that, we get so caught up in having to have all the things NOW that we forget that magick takes time. It’s not an overnight cure-all.

If you’ve ever done any gardening, you’ll recognize this scenario: you plant a seed into the ground, you water it, perhaps fertilize it, and let it get some sun. You take care of it. And eventually, the seed dies, but something more amazing is born in its place. You wait several months. You let the plant mature. You let it fruit. And then you harvest the result.

We call this process “seed-time and harvest.” But what we tend to forget is that time between seed, and harvest. Magick is a natural thing – we just have to work with it, instead of against it.

Having said all of that, it’s important that, at least at the outset, you make things as easy as you can on yourself. When I have folks come to me who want to learn magick, I never recommend that they jump in right away trying to achieve their big goals. There’s way too much baggage – too much of an emotional need. It’s likely that, if you absolutely must have the thing right now, it’s not going to manifest.

Which is why I say that you should treat magick like a fun experiment, first and foremost. Because while you’re doing small experiments, a few things happen:

  1. You build your “trust muscle,” which means you realize you really can make shit happen with magick, and that “faith” gets stronger, and stronger with time;
  2. You refine your process, so that you know how to best tap into power-current behind Everything That Is, in your own way, which means other peeps can’t deter you from your route; and
  3. You strengthen your ability to gradually manifest bigger and bigger results, which means that you can eventually start working towards your bigger goals, with fewer pitfalls and foibles.

Seed. Time. Harvest. Work WITH the natural order of things. Understand that not everything is immediate. If you start with smaller experiments (especially making them fun), and gradually work your way up, you pass the time between seed and harvest effortlessly. And as long as you’re doing magick to make your life a little bit easier, you might as well have fun with it, right?

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