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Be A Goddess, Week One

Today is the first week’s lesson in Be A Goddess, by Francesca DeGrandis. My plan is to complete the entire “program,” since I’ve only completed partially, and that was several years ago. I want to take my time, do the lessons as they’re laid out, and see where the end result of doing this work takes me.

This week it’s all about “A healthy Priest makes all things sound.” It’s relevant to me because, at some point, I want to restart the Coven. If I’m going to be a Priest for anyone else in the community, at any point or for any reason (even if it’s just a little advice online), I need to take time out and rest and rejuvenate. Because of my lack of work for the past several years, I tend to fill up my time with doing for other people. That’s fine, but balance must be had! Always focusing on others will only lead to a crash-and-burn scenario (which I’ve done before and have no desire to do again).

When it is said, “A healthy Priest makes all things sound,” in one sense, it means that we are to take care of ourselves first. Otherwise, there’s nothing left to go around. It also means that real magic is both served and produced by a healthy body, since our bodies are also nature. And in another sense, it means that being sacred makes all things in one’s environment sacred. It’s like wherever you go is already Sacred Space, because you are already Sacred, and therefore consecrate that space. Because, as one of the prayers says, I am in myself and of myself a God – the very embodiment of the Divine – the stuff of stars, birthed from the loins of Mother Before Creation, God Herself with Herself.

The Laws of Nature Prayer

The Laws of Nature are You, Goddess[ref]The original is written as “Lady,” not, “Goddess.”[/ref].
Keep me mindful that I step upon Your body,
With Your feet,
That my sorrows are Your sorrows,
That my joys are Your joys,[ref]I added this line – it was not in the original.[/ref]
And that a healthy Priest makes all things sound.
I feel your breath in the wind
And your hand in mine.
Keep me sincere.
Give me Your work,
Which is to be joyous and to tend all things,
Because all things live,
Of themselves,
And with Your Spirit.
Your will through mine.
And so it is, and it is so.[ref]I changed this line from, “So mote it be,” to, “And so it is and it is so,” to fit my current private practice more closely.[/ref]

From Be A Goddess, by Francesca DeGrandis


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