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Where Are All My Posts On Experiments?

Question from a regular blog reader: Where are all your posts on the magical experiments that you’ve done/are doing?

When I first started this blog way back in the day, I had a bunch of posts up on magical experiments. Usually, they were about the process that I went through to get my results, and then a good old-fashioned “field report” about the results from the spellcraft.

But there was one iteration of the blog where I re-designed the look and feel. And that one time, goofball me forgot to back up my posts.

That has not happened since, trust you me.

But, these days, I haven’t posted quite as much on experiments. There are a few reasons for this.

First: I haven’t really been doing a lot of experimenting. I’ve been working more on creative projects. (If you’re not on my email list, it’s a good idea to sign up, because my creative projects get announced there first. Sign up for Biweekly Witchery here.)

Second: what magical/spellcraft experiments that I have been doing are mostly long-term. I’ve been doing a lot of working with spirits and making fewer amulets/talismans, so there’s not a lot to tell. Because most of my stuff has been long-term and working with spirits, I can’t really speak on the results or my process at this stage of the game. (See reason the third reason, below.)

Third: I’m a big proponent of the Witch’s Pyramid and the principle of “keep silent.” You know the whole thing, right? The east face is to know, the south face is to dare, the west face is to will and the north face is to keep silent. I know this mind seem a little “fluffy” for some folks, but it makes sense.

Life is strange. Sometimes, if you tell people about your goals (not just spellcraft goals, but any goal), you get support from friends and loved ones and feel encouraged. And then you can move forward with courage and achieve what you’re aiming to obtain.

Other times, if you tell people, you end up feeling depleted and defeated. Or, even if you don’t feel that way, for some reason, life seems to throw up all sorts of things to work against you.

Magic is like that, too. Most of the time, for me, if I tell anyone about the results I’m after or the process I’m using to get there (speaking specifically of spellcraft), one of two things happens. Either (a) my results are a very long time coming, or (b) they never happen at all.

So I tend to stick with the “keep silent” principle that I learned back in my early Wiccan training.

Because of all of that, I have to come up with some different blog content than I used to post up. There will be plenty to post later as time goes on, I promise!

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