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Be A Goddess, Week Three

For this week’s lesson in Be A Goddess, I’m supposed to take a few journal entries to meditate on Francesca’s Faerie Tradition Creation Myth No. 1, line by line. Here are some excerpts from those journal entries (the myth is in italics, my thoughts in plain text):

The Mother Before Creation is walking in the outer darkness. Her steps touch nothing, Her steps touch Herself, who is  all things.

What is, “the outer darkness?” In some versions of a Gardnerian Book of Shadows that is publicly available, and in The New Pagans, by Hans Holzer, we can find notes of Witches who either cast circle to protect against the outer darkness, or who outright call on “Lords of the Outer Darkness.” We can also note that, in some Oaths that I’ve read, if you break your Oath, you’ll be “cast into outer darkness.” In some tales, these beings that dwell in the outer darkness are beings that can and/or will drive you mad – Lovecraftian. Is the Goddess the original “The Old Ones” of Lovecraft mythos? Probably. It’s interesting to note that this madness is the mad ecstatic consciousness of the Shaman – and that the Fey path can lead one into this deadly darkness of the abyss. Lords of the Outer Darkness. Gods of the Dark Spaces. Faeries of the Nooks and Crannies. Hidden, but obvious. Secret, but blatant. The Mother Before Creation – Her steps touch nothing and they touch Herself, for She is all things, including the Nothingness, the empty madness itself.

She uses space as a mirror. This mirror is known as the Mirror of Darkness. In it, the Mother Before Creation is as vast as a starless universe, like sleep without dreams, like sleep in which all dreams reside.

God Herself is endless, limitless, a dark pool of boundless potential. Like the void of space, She cannot be fathomed. We merely contemplate, “through a glass darkly.” Sleep without dreams is a place in the individual mind where there is limitless creative potential. The malleable non-matter is present, waiting for us to mold it into our will, as Gods ourselves. Reflected in the earth, She is the deepest dark of the ocean’s depths, salty, seemingly empty but teeming with life. Like the Shamans of old, it is up to us to tap this boundless potential for ourselves and for others.

She draws the image from the mirror into space and calls Her “Miriel,” which means “Beautiful One from God.” Each is virgin: unspoiled sexuality in all its freshness.

I have a slight issue with the phrase “unspoiled sexuality.” Mainly because if something is unspoiled, it implies that it can be spoiled. And I don’t think sex or sexuality can be spoiled. I think Francesca’s intent for these lines is to put forth the concept of sexuality as fresh, new – not necessarily physically untouched. It’s taken me such a long time and such hard work to finally be able to see my own sexuality as Sacred and not defiled or profane that I’m having trouble with these lines. Or maybe I’m just over thinking it.

Yet old beyond time, each kissing the other with all the ripeness and experience of a dying courtesan. They make love, each desiring the other as much as they desire the Self.

Both Mother Before Creation and Miriel are virgin and yet they are both ancient. Before time was they were. They are engulfed in passionate longing one for the other. It is not a mere sexual power. It is raw and primal. It is the brains hidden synapses and bits that we today are not aware of and not using, and yet they’re firing on all cylinders. It is the raw untamed love of two new lovers who have known each other for centuries, for lifetimes.

Then Miriel moves away from the Mother Before Creation, so dark emptiness lightens to cobalt blue as She becomes Dian-y-glas, the Blue God. The Great Mother says to Him, “They shall never take you from me. Whatever form you take, because you are my word, my hammer and my seal, you shall return to me in your present form. And this our love shall be forever. And through our sexual union all things shall be created and are created, all things which were and are not, and are yet to be.

After Mother and Miriel make love, Miriel begins to transform into the Blue God. Like the idea of spirit-energy slowing its vibration to become physical matter. “You are my word, my hammer and my seal,” is a symbol. Metal rods with seals at the end and a tiny hammer you tap it with in order to put the impression in melted wax – like sealing a letter. This says that Dian-y-glas is all of these: her word (container of power), her hammer (the tool of pressure) and her seal (her mark). “All things which were and are not and are yet to be,” means that the ancient and forgotten is bubbling up in the pool of emergence again. Old is being made new – not destroyed in lieu of something else, but reworked, like a clay vessel being rethrown on the potter’s wheel in an effort to salvage the last vestiges of what once was. Ancient wisdom and modern practice becoming one.

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