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Bombing the Commune (Dream)

Back in June of 2015, I had a rash of crazy dreams. This happens to be one of them. Following the iteration of the dream sequence, I pick out key phrases and proceed to interpret the symbols for myself.

Side note: This is not odd behavior for me. In general, I only remember dreams if they are significant in some way – and usually, they’re communications from the spirit realm.

Having said that, here’s the dream:

I was at this living community – like a “hippie commune” or something. Everyone was having a great time eating and laughing it up. But then there was this dude that brought in a bomb and planted it somewhere in back of one of the 20 buildings. I was asked to go find it and disable it. But after I went to look for it, the leader/dictator/cult leader accused me of being the person to plant the bomb. Like, he caught me with the bomb, so he thought I was the one who planted it (circumstantial evidence and all that). He was some overweight 40-year-old who kind of looked like that clown guy from the movie “The Devil’s Rejects” – Captain Spaulding, I think is his name – out of makeup. The actor’s name is Sid Haig. He was coming after me with a rifle. Somewhere in this dream, I lost my two rings (one a celtic knot band, the other a pentacle). They were found in an office with two guys that were my bosses – one a black guy that looked incredibly like Obama (and sexy as fuck), and the other kind of indescribable white guy, just kind of average. After I found the rings in their office and put them on, I had ninja-like abilities to disappear into the shadows. But I still had to be careful of the cult leader guy, because he was still chasing me around and the rings only worked to give me ninja-like abilities (so the invisible-thing depended upon my skill and agility, not necessarily like an “invisibility cloak” ala Harry Potter).

I wasn’t really sure what to make of this dream at the time. All I know is what is in the paragraph above. It ended as abruptly in my life as it did in the above telling.

Key symbols I’ve picked out:

  • communal living environment
  • merriment
  • bomb
  • searching for a bomb
  • mistaken for the bomber
  • Sig Haig (wtf?)
  • loss of rings
  • ninja skills

This could be a “time-frame dream,” since there appears to be a logical timeline in the story. It almost appears to be the plot of a novella or something.

First, there’s general happiness and merriment amongst a community of friends and family. And then a bomber is thrown into the mix – a disruptor, a problem-causer, a destroyer. Destroyer of happiness? Then I’m asked to search for the bomb and disable it – as if I’m the rescuer/savior of this sequence. Could it be that I’m picking up info about a working for a friend, perhaps someone is being attacked and needs me to disable the problem? But then there’s Sid Haig, and I don’t like him at all, either in real life or this dream. He’s the cult-leader/dictator-guy, so maybe he is an extreme representation of someone I dislike in real life – particularly in a place of authority? The loss of my rings – two objets de magie, for me in real life, of the protective variety – could mean that I’ve lost my protection around this authority figure. Retrieving and replacing the rings gives me my abilities back – including the ability to remain invisible, like flying under the radar.

If it is, indeed, a time-frame-dream, as I think, then its significance has already come to fruition and played out in daily life. Looking back, I see where it may have played out – but I’m telling that tale publicly, as I know it pertains to certain persons who are aware of my blog.


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