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Be A Goddess, Week Four

This week is all about altars. While there are some pointers/basics about altars, it’s mostly about seeing your home as an altar, and your body as an altar.

One of the assignments is to examine your current altars and find items that may have harmed nature in their creation. And then to purge them. While I see the value in that, it’s a hard sell for someone who has been attached to their tools for some time.

For example, I have Peacock feathers on my altar. I’m not getting rid of those. They’re symbols of Ganesh, who is on my altar. And my athame’s handle (though very well-balanced) is plastic. I had to expand my thinking in order to accept plastic as “natural,” because my athame really is a representative of my lifelong journey on this path. I’m not giving that up.

It isn’t that I’m unwilling to change. I agree with the sentiment in its entirety. But I also have done too much work on myself and in circle with most of my tools to give them up. They hold charge between magic/circle occasions. Most of my items – manmade or not – can’t be purged without detracting from the work I’ve already completed. It is what it is.

Another thing: Francesca’s interpretation of the God and Goddess seems to be centered around the classic hyper-feminine female deity and hyper-masculine male deity. While I have no qualms with that, either, I still see them as a blended androgyny. As I said about my tools: I’ve come too far to turn back now, in that regard.

As for my body being a Sacred Altar: it is. I’ve been taking much better care of myself and eating healthier. I’ve been getting a little exercise, too, which is odd for me. But then I’ve come to accept a viewpoint that I used to balk against. That is: the body, being Sacred and Spirit dwelling in every cell of even our physical being, it needs to be taken care of. Not just because it is Sacred, but also because a healthier body contributes to more effective magical undertakings. You know it, I know it, and I guess I’ve sort of grown in that area since the early days of my Priesthood. (Also: I’m itching to be thin and sexy again so I can do dirty things. LOL)


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