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6 Easy Ways to Shatter Your Magical Slump

We all have them, and they suck. You know what I’m talking about: those moments in time when we feel like, no matter what we do, we can’t magic. Its a dry spell that you feel like, for the life of you, just won’t go. the fuck. away. How do you get out of those Magical Slumps?

Take some time off. No one says you have to be witching 100% of the time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It could be that you’re just tired from a recent round of hefty magic. It happens. Rest. Go out with friends and get plastered. Take a few days to recover from that. Then, if you feel up to it, get back on the Unicorn and witch it up like a boss.

Or dive headlong into magic. Sometimes, you go through phases where you don’t do magic at all. I’ve had year-long moments here and there where there was no spellcraft that interested me in the slightest. I was content and had no urgent needs at those times. But after a while of not witching, you get bored. So find something to start throwing your magic towards. Maybe do a spiritual house cleansing to see if something needs rearranging. It is in these moments – when my creative projects are at a stand-still and I’m not magic-ing – that I generally end up with an extra Client or two asking about spellwork.

Try a new approach to witching. Maybe you’ve learned a lot about High Ceremonial Magick over the years and you’ve been doing it for a long, long time. Maybe you’re bored with that particular way of doing things and just haven’t figured it out yet. If that’s the case, try learning some Folk (or Low) Magic. Maybe go the Neopagan route and start picking up some things from Kitchen Witchcraft or Cottage Witchcraft.

Or try a new approach to spirituality. Quite often, those of us who spend a lot of our early years doing the spiritual thing and then moving into the more practical-magic side of life tend to forget the spiritual growth work. I don’t mean that you’ve forgotten your spirit helpers; I mean that maybe you’ve forgotten to pay attention to your inner work. I’ve done it. Get involved in some energy work – that nebulous stuff that new agers and Wiccans (like myself) are always droning on about.

Just meditate. Maybe it’s time you stopped everything and just meditated for a while. You can usually tell this because you’ve dropped all of your energy work – or been too busy with life-stuff to do any of it. You start getting frustrated with things because (if you’re an Empath, like me) you’ve forgotten to put up your wards for months and months. Renew those wards and get to work on something that sparks your interest.

Maybe the solution isn’t magical. What if, instead of diving back into magic all of a sudden after a long break, you decide to take an online course you’ve been thinking about? Not a magical one, either – a mundane one. Like: one that will boost your career, or teach you new practical social skills, or … the list is endless.

There are all kinds of approaches to take to the moment of Magical Slump. But in the end, it really comes down to one thing, doesn’t it? That one thing: don’t keep doing what you’ve been doing. Figure out what has bored you with magic, or what has made you overly tired of magic, and change it.

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