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[Review] The Little Book of Curses and Maledictions for Everyday Use

Okay, I just have to say it right up front: I love this book. Dawn Rae Downton delivered a great modern mini-compendium of things we can do to get … well, vengeance (among other things). You have to check out The Little Book of Curses and Maledictions for Everyday Use.

I didn’t see it directly in the text, but it’s not difficult to pick up from the title what this book is meant to do. Downton delivers quite well on the promise of curses and maledictions. But it’s one step beyond, because it’s meant for everyday use.

It’s hard to believe that you could come up with a reason every single day when you might need a curse. I mean: why would you just want to go around cursing people? Unless you’re just a major asshole whom smallest nitpickyest bullshit triggers (i.e., Trump), you wouldn’t, right?

That’s what I thought about myself. But I almost want to go around cursing people just to try out some of these cute little conjurations.

This is a book of recipes, really. Instructions. No-holds-barred and funny, to boot.

I think my favorite curse in the book is “The All-Purpose Payback.” Most books of curses or hexes will give you a general curse or binding, but will tell you to add some little quip to the end of your spell. Something like, “And for the good of all involved,” is pretty common. But that shit just turns your curse upside down and does nothing but maybe help you feel a little better.

Nope. “The All-Purpose Payback,” straight up tells you: don’t beat around the bush; know the specific person you want to fuck over for this spell. It’s a fairly “generic,” jinx, but that’s the point. The technology used is very commonplace amongst us two-headed folk.

I definitely recommend this book. I think, too, that the people who would love this nifty little tome are my Witchy Fam who really don’t play too much with their magic. I’m telling you: these little curses, hexes and jinxes really can be used to get shit done. And that’s what we’re all after when it comes to the Craft, isn’t it?



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