What Did I Discover Today? – Alan Fuller | The Shaman Witch

What Did I Discover Today?

I figured something out. And it’s something pretty extraordinary. Well, sort of. I mean – most people know this in their heads, but they don’t really get it in their hearts.

That is, until they fail a few times. Once they fail a few times (like I did), you learn this one little secret pretty quickly.

You don’t have to be like everyone else to succeed.

I know it seems like common sense. But when you try and try over and over and just keep treading the same shitty mill on repeat – it’s kind of like that fucking movie Groundhog’s Day. You don’t realize it at first, but you just keep repeating the same bullshit over and over again.

And then you have a revelation. An epiphany. People don’t love you because you’re like everyone else – they love you because you’re fucking YOU!

So I will not be trying anymore. I’m just going to be me. I will write. I will read. I will keep doing me. And that, as they say, is fucking that.

Have an awesome day!

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