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The Witch Vibe

circle3I can tell when Witches are working, when magic is afoot, when the power is awakened.

I started my spiritual explorations when I was 13 years old. If you’ve seen any of my YouTube videos, you’ve probably heard me mention that fact. You might also know that I entered a Coven at a fairly early age. And part of my early training was what some people might today consider “New Age” – there was a lot of energy work in those early days of learning the ropes. By 18, I’d already attained to the Third Degree and left that group, founded and started another Coven, and it was in the process of being disbanded due to life events (like Member Witches going off to college, etc.).

So at 18 (1995), on the cusp of beginning my (nearly) decade-long Solitary journey, I was feeling somewhat alone.

But I had this friend. We’ll call her “LC.”

EdgewoodVillageLC and I both lived in the same apartment complex. The picture I include here is an actual photo of the apartment complex of which I speak. In the picture here you can see my actual living room window (I’ve circled it in red). LC lived next door to me on the other side of the building and a mutual friend – “LB” – lived at the far end of the building visible in the photo.  I wish I could get you a photo of the other side of the apartment complex – there was a gigantic back yard (a field, really) next to the street. A group of us – including myself, LB, LC and several others – would hang out in the back on a grassy knoll. It looks like management would’ve put in a playground, seeing that the complex was full of families with young kids, but they still have not to this day (I pass this old place regularly on the way to visit Mom, so I see it often; perhaps I’ll get a picture of the big field the next time I visit).

At any rate … not far from the apartment complex – a good three-minute walk, I’d say, if that – was a baseball diamond. It was behind a local church. Up past the baseball diamond was another huge field. That particular field looked as if it had been a full-blown forest at one time. When LC and I visited, though, most of the trees were gone and there were probably two or three gigantic Oaks that guarded the clearing. LB actually turned us onto this beautiful field.

At times, I would visit the “Field of Hills and Trees” alone. I would climb my favorite great Oak (yes, even at 18 years old) and lay back on one of the humongous branches. I’d stretch out and let this Ancient Wise Friend cradle me while the wind spoke to my spirit through its leaves. The delicious Summer sun would filter through those same leaves and warm my skin with its gentle caress.

There were other times in that field, also, that were not so wholesome. LC and I would sneak out at 2 a.m. or 3 a.m. and go to the field. We’d wait for LB (who was 16 years old at the time). LB would raid his father’s liquor cabinet and show up about ten minutes later with a fifth of Jim Beam or Jack Daniels. Then another friend – WS – would show up and help us finish off the whiskey. And we’d all be 5 out of 5 sheets to the wind in the next hour. (Keep in mind none of us were of legal drinking age.) The next thing you know, LB and LC are making out next to one of the trees, and then WC would put his hand on my knee and we’d be making out, too. And none of our other friends ever had a clue.

And then there were the extra special times. LC and I would be the only two in the field – she’d sneak out of her apartment and I’d sneak out of mine (usually around 2 a.m.) and we’d meet in the big back yard. We’d head to the field and sit “Indian style” in the grass. We’d touch palm to palm, seated in front of each other, and ground. Then we’d run the energy of the Earth in a circuit from my right shoulder to her left, then across to her right shoulder, then back to my left shoulder and finally to my right shoulder. We’d make this cycle over and over again, and I swear you could feel the atmosphere get charged with the power we were raising. One time we did this and a bolt of lightning struck the ground near one of the trees – totally out of the blue, no sprinkles of rain, no other warning whatsoever.

I told that whole story, honestly, just to say this: sensitivity to energies varies from individual to individual – some are extra-sensitive and some not at all, while others are just sort of mediocre at it. It can be developed. But I’ve always been sensitive to energies. And I remember there was a very distinct vibe in the air when we did that circuit of energy. It’s a very unique charge in the atmosphere that I call “Witch Vibe.” I call it Witch Vibe because I never get that same feeling around other people unless they are Witches. I sense when people practice the Occult or are into Paganism sometimes, but this is more tangible than that.

There’s a particular street in my hometown that, when I drive down it, the Witch Vibe always happens. Once, when my hubs and I were driving to an amusement park, I sensed it. I said, “Witches be witching” with a cat-ate-the-canary grin on my face. And there’s a particular cemetery in the middle of my hometown that still doesn’t have locked gates at night. Sometimes if I drive by there, I get that Witch Vibe. But it’s not there all the time. And sometimes, I’m utterly convinced that I can sense when a Witch is within a few miles radius doing some ritual or spell work, because I get the Witch Vibe. The further away the Witch is, the fainter the Vibe. But I swear I can sense them.

Does it mean that, if I don’t get the Witch Vibe from someone, that s/he is not a Witch? Probably not – I mean who can rightfully make that call, you know? And how would one go about asking that? Would I prick up my ears and widen my eyes and say, “OOOOOO The Force is strong with you, young Padawan.” That’d be kind of silly, I think. And I don’t think it’s the Full Moon, either, because it isn’t that consistent.

The point is: I get that feeling tonight. It’s palpable, like a thick cream. And it’s kind of making me high. Anyone else ever experience the Witch Vibe?


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  1. Yes. I have also felt the Witch Vibe from other witches without any foreknowledge of their interests. However, the Witch Vibe usually manifested as a purple hue that looked like a mist cascading around the heart/chest area.

    In High School, I once saw (what I called a Witch Mark) on a girl I knew. She and I weren’t technically friends at the time. But, we hung around the same crowds. I had often noticed the Witch Mark on her, but kept it to myself. One day, we happened to be hanging around the campus–just the two of us–having a little pow-wow, and getting to know each other. My involvement with the Craft came up in conversation, and I revealed that I had saw the mark on her. Turns out, her mother and grandparents (whom I met) were practitioners. There weren’t Wiccans or Pagans. But, they practiced a Craft were similar to conjure and rootwork. My friend, however, didn’t share her family’s interested in the Arts. But, she had a strong talent for it. After our friendship grew, I recall meeting her mom, and her expressing excitement that her daughter had made friends with another practitioner; hoping that I would give my friend some encourage to practice also. That was a total surreal moment, because I didn’t believe my friend when she told me about her family.

    I also found my first coven by way of the Witch Vibe. I used to frequently visit a friend that lived several minutes from me. She and I would study the Craft together, and would often go scouring around her neighborhood for wild plants to use in our spells. We’d find rosemary, yarrow, mint, lavender, all sorts of goodies!

    There was one particular house, though, that I would walk pass every time I went to visit my friend. It had gargoyles on the roof and enough wind chimes along the fascia to wake the dead on a windy day. There was also a faint smell of incense in the air whenever you came near the property (that apparently only I could smell, because my friend thought I was “trippin”). One day, on one of our walks, we came near the house, and I told my friend, “I bet you Witches live here”. She questioned me, and asked, “How do you know?”. I told her, “I just do, and I’m going to ask them”, then I proceeded to approach the front door.

    I was shaking in my jeans as I gingerly knocked on the bar door. My friend was standing 20 feet away on the sidewalk watching. A woman’s voice slid through the metal screen door, “Yes?”. The moisture in my mouth abandoned me, and my voice cracked as I asked, “Excuse me. My friend and I were admiring the decorations around your home, and we were wondering ‘Are you in interested in the occult’?” There was a long scrupulous pause that felt like 20 lifetimes. My heart was racing in my chest as the reality of the moment settled on me: I just knocked on a strangers door like a Jehovahs Witness, asking if this faceless woman is interested in the occult…What. Is. Wrong. With. Me?! Finally, I hear her tinkering with the lock and door knob. The door slowly swings open revealing a tall blonde with porcelain skin, and full pink lips. She standing in the doorway wearing pajama bottoms, a thin strap midriff top, and demure expression on her face. Her head and hip are sassily cocked to the side. She peers into my large fear-filled eyes, and finally breaks the awkward silence with a warm, “Merry Meet”. My whole existence illuminated as I turned and waved my friend to come over squealing, “I told you so!”.

    That was the first of many days that I spent at that house with the blonde Witch and her auburn haired roommate. Admittedly, I became a rather annoying kid to these adult women–showing up unannounced, calling all the time, leaving “Hey, how are you” notes on the door. But, despite my eagerness or maybe because of it, they eventually took me in and introduced me to their High Priestess who would later initiate my into their coven. I spent most of my formative years as a Witch surviving their rigorous training programs, sleeping over, and having my first underaged Smirnoff’s. It was truly the experience of a lifetime. The coven and tradition has been disbanded. But, I still have a good (if not estranged) relationship with everyone.

    **Didn’t mean to get all wordy on your comments. I just got lost in the flashbacks. Lol!!**

    1. Yah, yah, yah. You know you meant to get wordy.
      Just kidding.
      It’s a very interesting story.
      I don’t tend to “see” the Witch Vibe in any way. I’m a “senser/feeler,” rather than a seer. I intuit a whole helluva lot.
      And when I get around a craptastically dishonest person – someone I can’t tell secrets to kind of person – it’s like the opposite force of a magnet is pushing me backwards, telling me to get the fuck away.

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