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Venusian Currents

I had not intended for my first post on the Planetary Powers to be about Venus, but I’ve been drawn to this particular planet for some time now.

I believe there are a few major reasons.

Venus, when addressed in a Neopagan sense, is categorized as a Goddess of love, beauty and art. Fine. I can always do with a little more love, beauty and art in my life, for sure. But that led me down a whole new rabbit hole – one that I’d already been intimately familiar with, to be truthful.

Venus isn’t just a Goddess of love, beauty and art. In fact, Venus is more than a Goddess or a Planetary Power. And here’s why.

The Mystical Implications

The planet Venus is known as both, “The Morning Star,” and, “The Evening Star.” (If you’re interested in why this is the case in an astronomical sense, you can read about it here.)

Guess who else is known as, “The Morning Star?” In the Bible, the angel Lucifer is called, “Son of the Morning,” which was translated to both Morning Star and Day Star. (This is the reason I never really understood that song Day Star, where the devotee ask for Day Star, shine down on me. You’re a Christian asking Lucifer to empower you? Whaaaaaa?)

I’m no fan of the Bible, but having come from a Bapticostal background, I knew this when I started going down this familiar rabbit hole.

I am not a Luciferian, either. However, I do know that there are many Traditions of Witchcraft which refer to one of their notable hero-spirits/deities as Lucifer. I have read tale of the Father of Feri Witchcraft, Victor Anderson, referring to Lucifer, which I do not find surprising at all. What I’ve read of Feri is quite intrinsically connected to the Fey, the Pale People Below, who are most assuredly subjects of the King and Queen of Elfhame. The King of the Underworld can be equated with Lucifer, the Bright and Morning Star (in the sky), who is also reflected as the Evening Star (the light in the dusky darkness of the Underworld). And who is to say that Lucifer is male – why not both male and female? Why not the male Morning Star (“Son of the Morning”) and the female Evening Star (Goddess Venus)?

Not to mention, there is also the 1734 Tradition, which practices possession as a means of oracular communication with their Black and White Goddesses, and her son and lover, the Red God, Tubal Cain. Tubal Cain is said to mythologically be a son (or maybe the son, depending on your mythological stance) of none other than Cain, himself, the grandson of Lucifer/Satan/The Serpent through Eve. (Have I mentioned that I practice a Hiss technique for altering consciousness? I just can’t even. The congruency is befuddling.) (For more on 1734’s possession practices, you can read about it at Upon An Uneasy Seat Above Caer Ochren.)

To me, the dual Goddesses equates to the concept of Bucca. There are also two of him: Bucca Gwidder, who is the White Goat, and the doer of all “good” magics, such as healing and curse-breaking and so on; and Bucca Dhu, who is the Black Goat, and the doer of those things more necessary, the maker of the hard decisions.

It’s a fast leap to see how the horned goat – Bucca (or the Irish Pookha) – became the horned goat of Satan in the Church. He was a threat to their immense wealth-based power and the over-reaching arm of the establishment. By extension, it’s also easy to see how the Goddess Venus might’ve been demonized by the church – she’s female, and all things female, after all, must be subdued, as they are Witchcraft, and will lead to nothing but the suffering of men as they succumb to the wily ways of her nether-regions! (Feel my sarcasm?)

You have to see how Venus is a hugely powerful figure. She’s way more than just a Planetary Power of a Goddess of love, art and beauty. She’s the amalgamation – the central pillar – the walker between worlds – the hedge-rider. She’s Bucca Gwidder and Bucca Dhu combined (whom we call Bucca Grand, in some instances), and the Morning and Evening Star.

And this is why I say I walk the Starry Road.

The Practical Implications

Venus_SquareThe metal sacred to Venus is copper. Her sacred day is Friday and she is associated with the zodiac signs of both Taurus and Libra. The planetary energies are best with workings that increase compassion, love and friendship, as well as pleasure and sensuality. The arts, prosperity, comfort, peace and harmony, beauty, marriage, blessings and the family are also within her domain. The color used primarily for her works is green. Her number is 7.

On a Friday in the hour of Venus, take a green piece of cloth and sew a bag. Then take a brown piece of paper (from a brown paper lunch bag) and inscribe it with the magic number square of Venus (pictured to the left). On the other side of the paper, write the following: Whomsoever bears this bag shall e’er be bestowed with the favor, guidance and empowerment of the virtues, powers and potencies of the gracious Venus, Star of the Even and Morn. Place the paper inside the bag along with herbs associated with Venus, as well as a small piece of copper if you can find it. Carry this bag with you.


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