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We Are Always Here


If you’ve been reading the blog at all, you know that I’ve had all kinds of poetry come flowing out of me. I’ve done this before, but only when depressed or unhappy. Now, it happens regardless of my mood. Some things I publish, some I don’t. But the essential truth here is that “poetry is magic and magic is poetry.” This mystical inspiration thing that has been happening lately is much more tangible than it has been before.

I also hear things as I’m drifting off to sleep. This has happened before and its not at all unusual to me. But that liminal space just before I fall to sleep lets me hear things.

I’ve been doing Robin Artisson’s Hiss technique ~ deep belly-breathing on the inhale, hissing on the exhale, to the count of ten. I do this when I lie down to go to sleep in the mornings around 8-ish a.m. Despite the fact that its daylight out, I take several deep breaths and relax (which is not difficult for me ~ I’ve been doing this for decades as part of self-hypnosis to combat insomnia) and then do the Hiss.

This morning, after the Hiss and in the liminal space of almost-sleep, that “twilight of consciousness,” I heard a voice. It was not a voice I’d heard before. It felt masculine, but was almost a feminine pitch. All it said was, “We are always here.” Prior to that, I’d been praying to Witchfather and Witchmother to feel Their tangible presence, and thinking just a bit about whether to make offering to Spirits of Place (or the Land).

I thought this was pretty significant. I was chanting. Only sort of asked about Their tangible presence (thinking it, not really praying the way most people think of prayer). Only sort of half-thought about making offering to Land. And sort of, kind of, half-thought about Fate.

“We are always here.” I’ve been trying to make contact with Them (Witchfather and Witchmother, Spirits of Place, Ancestors). Because I feel like I need to feel a very real current of power. “We are always here.”

I think this is due to my work within a specific current – within the energetic current that I was specifically trained in way back in the day. I’m no longer putting things aside to accommodate bullshit – I’m diving back into my spiritual practice the way I should’ve been practicing it for a long, long time.

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