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Sun Salute

And, here’s my Planetary Powers post on the Sun! I knew this one was coming! It’s one of my favorites, just because of the association of the Sun with Victory. And because we’re in that time of year where the Sun is returning to us.

The Mystical Implications

For some reason, it seems that the (American) Pagan world has completely embraced the characterization of the sun as male. I think it has to do with the characterization of the moon as female. It’s almost like the gender-assignment were an afterthought. If the Moon is female, then “her” counterpart must be male, right? Craziness, if you ask me.

I grew up telling my wishes to the Man in the Moon. Is that a mountain thing? Probably not. I think most Americans grew up with a “man in the moon.”

In Japanese culture, actually, the Sun is seen as feminine. She is the Goddess Amaterasu, whose name means great shining heaven. Her emblem, which is the rising sun, appears on the Japanese flag. Tsuki-Yomi is actually the Japanese moon God.

It took most of my teen years, but I managed to force-wrap my head around the idea that the Sun is masculine and the Moon is feminine. I only halfway resonated with the “man in the moon” thing anyhow. It stank of patriarchal implications to me, which was one of the things I “rebelled” against when I became Wiccan.

The Practical Implications

Sun SquareThe sun is of the element of fire, of course, and is ruler of the zodiac sign of Leo. The day of the Sun is Sunday. The sun aides well in workings of bodily healing, the attraction of money and good fortune, and power. He also works well in the domains of happiness and joy, leadership and positive use of power and authority. One of his strengths is, well, strength, and another is victory. The sun is also great for workings of protection against foul spirits and negative magic. The colors of the sun are yellow and gold and the number of the Sun is 6.

A good packet for victory can be made by taking two squares of yellow cloth and sewing them together on three sides. Leave the fourth open for now. Normally, I would advocate using six herbs or trinkets for this, but the one I’m recommending for this packet is pretty strong all by itself. On a piece of brown paper bag, draw the Sun Square pictured here. On the opposite side of it, write Whomsoever bears this packet shall e’er be bestowed with the favor, guidance and empowerment of the virtues, powers and potencies of the victorious Sun, master of all skill and prowess. Then take that piece of paper and wrap it around a High John the Conqueror root, with the planetary square facing outwards. Place this in the packet and sew up the fourth side.


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