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Be A Goddess, Week Five

Well, it’s been some time since I’ve worked the Be A Goddess book. I had to take a short break because of work. Since I got that job, I had to do some training, which took a lot of my focus, and then do some hands-on work to get the feel of it all. Now that I’m on my regular shift working nights, I can pick it back up again. I haven’t really stopped saying the prayers – it’s just been on a few-times-a-week basis, rather than a daily one. But that’s changed. So I pretty well skipped the month of April, but I’m back and going strong.

This past week was all about purification, removing blocks and being safe on your path.

The purification part is obviously ongoing, but it has to do with removing blocks. There’s also an additional portion given to the ritual structure (which Francesca calls “The Magic Formula”).

I really liked this quote from the book – it jumped out at me:

Therefore, when a magician calls on the forces of the Gods, it is a literal and enormous power being called upon.

I really liked it because, to me, the powers of nature aren’t just dinky little energies we play around with to try to manipulate our environment. To me, they are very real, very large, very potent energies that we call upon. Francesca warns us to have a healthy respect for these forces – not an unhealthy fear, but a sort of reverent fear. It’s hard to describe that feeling/attitude – I’ve had it all my life and have yet, in all my 37 years, to put it into words that make sense.

One of the exercises in this week’s lesson was to feel the power of nature – to feel the gathering storm, or the power of the waves on a beach, or gale-force winds whipping the trees. And not just to notice it, but to actually tap into and feel the primal power present in these things. I’ve done that. If you’ve read my post called The Witch Vibe, you might know what I’m talking about. So I guess this is another one of those things I’ve done all of my life without realizing it.



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