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Be A Goddess, Week Six

This week in Be A Goddess, the focus was primarily on (1) doing something just because it’s fun; and (2) continuing purification rites from week 3.

Since I’ve been partially through the book before, the first time around, I did something a little more involved. I did the Earth Purification Rite from Week Three, but I also went ahead and created/adapted/remembered Purification Rites for the other three elements.

In Francesca’s Earth Purification Rite, you stand on the ground (barefoot if possible) and pray for the Earth to take something detrimental to you and turn it into something positive. I’ve done something similar with an energy work visualization, as well, but this was all about prayer, and just allowing the Mother to do Her thing without any preconceived notions. (I find that preconceived notions always hinder work with a new discipline and, back when I first went through the book, it was new to me then. So since then, I’ve been letting go of preconceived notions about things when I start them anew.) In fact, it might be a good idea to go ahead and use the Earth Purification Rite to help get rid of those preconceived notions.

I basically do the same thing with Air, Fire and Water.

For air: when the wind is at a decent breeze (or a frenzied gust just before a storm), stand outdoors, spread your arms wide and pray for the Goddess to take the Something-Funky from you in the breath of the wind.

For water: stand in a puddle of water, pray for the Goddess to take that Something-Funky away, then feel/sense/visualize it draining into the puddle. You can do the same with a bath or a shower, visualizing, imagining, picturing or pretending that the Something-Funky is going down the drain.

For fire: this was a bit more tricky; you can hold your palms above a lit candle, but hold them far enough away so that you just feel the heat, rather than get burned. Even just getting slightly too warm can indicate a deeper burn, so be sure to be extra, extra careful with this one. Alternatively, if you’re on a camping trip where you have an open campfire, or if you have a fireplace inside, or if you have a firepit in your back yard, you can sit close enough to feel the heat and imagine it melting away the Something-Funky with some prayer and/or visualization.

The other theme of the week wasn’t too difficult for me, either. Doing something just because it’s useless and fun is not a hard accomplishment for me these days. It used to be, long ago, when I was still caught up in having to be responsible for every little thing that went on in every human’s life around me. But now, I just let those things go. I realize that I cannot own another person’s issues, and that, even if I could, no one else would be kind enough to own mine for me. Or, even if they were, they might not be kind enough to keep on owning them for long (trust me: they are some shitty issues to try to own, so no one would want them for long at all).

I can only own my own shit. (Try saying that several times fast. Whew!)

I’ve done a few things this week just because they were pleasurable. One of Francesca’s stipulations is that the fun thing you do should not be useful or meaningful. In all honestly, it was tough for me to find something not useful and/or not meaningful for me to do. I did manage to veg out in front of the television, but that’s commonplace. I also managed to take a late nap. Obviously, it was useful to do that because I work nights, but I didn’t really think much about the usefulness until after the fact. I passed gas a couple of times and blamed it on the cat – does that count? Even that was meaningful, though – the humor of it and the resultant laughter between myself and my partner was useful and meaningful. So you see? It’s tough as heck to find something useless and meaningless!

There was another exercise in this week’s lesson called “Care from the Mother.” In it, you’re asked to think about something you need, pray and invoke the Mother in your own words and sit quietly to listen and/or let Her decide how it/She manifests. Then you thank Her for the gifts She’s given you in this rite. Francesca suggests that, if you’re not able to ” … just ‘feel’ Her presence as my instructions imply … visualize, imagine Her as you need Her to be. Play it out in your imagination, in the present tense, seeing Her give you what you need.”

I’ve never had an issue being able to “just feel” the presence of the Goddess. Before my Bapticostal days, I had no problem feeling Her presence. Even when I was in the world of the Bapticostal Church, we called this activity, “practicing the Presence,” and so – having been able to do it with another deity – I had no problem doing it with the Holy Spirit. And after, when I gave up the church and came back home to Paganism, I had no issues feeling Goddess. Even right now, as I sit here typing this paragraph, I sense God Herself enveloping me in Her arms. (I find in retrospect that it feels similar to what I tried to describe in The Witch Vibe.)

I performed this exercise just as Francesca instructed. But, truth be told, I don’t remember what I asked God Herself for – it’s been three days since I first completed the exercise.

Side Note!!! ~ Activated my two Shiva Linga the other day with a full Puja and ‘dressing.’ They seem to be doing well. I have yet to use them to work with my Kundalini. One of them belongs to my Partner. I gave it to him as a gift to awaken his Kundalini, as well. Also, we’re going camping this weekend for the Memorial Day holiday. It’s an annual thing we do with my partner’s family (affectionately known to me as “the in-laws,” even though my partner and I are not legally married). I plan to take the Lingum with me and work with it a few times. But while out in nature (as we all should be more often anyhow, especially since the weather is cracking warmer where I’m at), I also plan to do my usual meditation and energy work outdoors, as well as what I’ve learned so far from Be A Goddess.End Note.


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