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Masterful Mars

The Mystical Implications

Mars is a hefty planet of power. And not just any power, but power that is so potent, you could use it to move almost any obstacle. In Roman mythology, Mars wasn’t just a god of war, but also of agricultural concerns. He was not a god of chaotic killing, but of ordered, military force. He was viewed in many ways as a god who assisted in the attainment of peace, rather than the causation of war and battle. Mars was often considered to be the consort of Venus and many works of art were dedicated to this coupling.

Virility is an essential aspect of Mars that coincides with his agricultural involvement. He directs his energies towards arrangement of circumstances in which a good agricultural crop can grow. Often, it includes the warding off of malevolent forces, which is why he is more protective than overtly war-like. But again, it’s more about military, ordered protection, rather than outright, chaotic attacks. That virility aspect can also be viewed as a boost in sexual prowess – both for the creation of human life, and the joy of sex for sex’s sake.

The Practical Implications

Mars_SquareMars is of the element of fire. Astrologically, the signs associated with Mars are Scorpio and Aries. Tuesday is the day of Mars. The virtues of Mars work well in defensive powers and assist to boost defensive magic very well. Strength, assertion, really powerful protection, removal of curses and hexes – all are within the powers of Mars. You can also work with Mars energy for exorcism (or banishing), victory in all sorts of conflict, self- and personal-empowerment and sexual lust and prowess. The color of Mars is red and his number is 5.

To make a protective amulet of Mars, take a round piece of cloth in the color red. I would generally make mine 10 inches in diameter (5 multiplied by 2). On a piece of paper, using red ink, draw the square of Mars pictured to the left. On the opposite side of it, write Whomsoever bears this packet shall e’er be bestowed with the favor, guidance and empowerment of the virtues, powers and potencies of the masterful Mars, keeper of all order and protective principle. On top of this, sprinkle some of each of these following five dry and ground items: Agrimony, Asafoetida, Birch Bark, Dragon’s Blood Resin, and Calendula Flowers. Place it on top of the red cloth, gather it up and tie it at the “neck.” Carry this on your person as protection from foul spirits, negative energies and ill wishes from others.

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