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A Witch’s Words of Wisdom Part 2

I received well over 50 emails in response to my post “A Witch’s Words of Wisdom.” I had no idea it would be so popular. But people apparently love that deep-ish shish, because almost all of those 50 feedback emails had one thing in common: they asked for more.

So, without further adieu, here is more.

No one is broken. Of course, there are lots of people who would disagree, who might even argue in favor of their own brokenness. But the fact is, we’re all born from a mother – every single one of us, without exception. And when we’re born, we haven’t learned to believe certain things about ourselves yet. We don’t get that information until later years, when people start saying things like, “Bad boy! You shouldn’t have broken Mommy’s Elvis statue!” Or, “No, get away from there, you’ll just break it!” Or, “Don’t you ever do that again!” Even into adulthood, we still get this crap from bosses – “Just don’t let it happen again.” (Fuck you, you judgmental, horse-faced frog penis.) We get these limiting beliefs from our rearing, from our raising. They aren’t intrinsic to our being when we’re born. And we project them onto the future, causing anxiety and fear, or we remember them as past memories, causing sadness or anger. But inherently, no one is broken. Everyone is complete and whole within themselves. We are who we are – with layered beliefs, both positive and negative, about ourselves, slathered on top of our souls.

There is no bad intention. Do you really think that your coworker woke up yesterday morning and said to himself, “I’m just gonna be a complete ass to everyone today. I think it’ll be fun!” I doubt it. In any given moment, our intentions aren’t inherently bad, in and of themselves. I might feel like my husband is an asshole some days, but eventually, I come around to realizing – he never intended to be an asshole. He might be critical of the fact that I prefer my chicken on the bone because bones gross him out. And he may snap at me and tell me to stop chewing on the gristle because the sound grosses him out. But his intention wasn’t to snap at me – his intention was just to get me to stop making a noise that feels disgusting to him. See the distinction? Your coworker didn’t wake up intending to be an asshole this morning – he just believes (there’s that word) that his external circumstances are more powerful than his choice of response to them, and so he becomes an asshole under stress and pressure.

Everything is achievable. It is, isn’t it? What I mean is: anyone can do anything. Whatever your political leanings, just take a look at the White House – have you seen what has taken the Oval Office? Yah no. If that shitface orange fucktard can be POTUS, absolutely anyone can do absolutely anything. And, feel fulfilled doing it. Granted, the goal might not always be achievable right now, or even tomorrow, but it is achievable. When you think about it, anyone can do absolutely anything their little pea-picking heart desires.

So, if everything is achievable, and there are no inherently bad intentions, and no one is broken, what’s the problem with today’s society? Belief. Plain and simple. Belief about ourselves. Or better: belief about our Selves. It is the learned belief that our external circumstances determine how we feel, and how we feel is projected out into the Universe (often in the form of choices and behaviors), and the Universe responds in kind (like attracts like, after all). Belief determines behavior.

Now, all of this might seem a little “new age” to you. I know some of my readers are more Traditional Crafters – they don’t fall in for that new-age-feel-good-gobbledygook. And that’s fine. I don’t, either. But I do fall in for what science is discovering – and it’s the same stuff that we Witches have known for millennia, even if the realm of quantum physics or emotional intelligence term it slightly differently than we do. Namely, “Thou art God/dess.” Think about it: to Gods and Goddesses, absolutely everything is achievable; they haven’t developed negative beliefs about themselves; they don’t necessarily have bad intentions; and they’re definitely not broken. They are Spirit, after all. (Just as we are Spirit.)

I won’t be mad if y’all ask for more. Cause there’s more. Much more. LOL


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  1. Thanks for asking for words of wisdom. Here are a few from a crone: service to others is the rent you pay for living so get off your duff and do something for somebody else.
    If you see/find/inherit/intuit a problem don’t just whine about it. Figure out what you can do to fix even a little bit of it, then do it. And then don’t talk about what you did.
    Practice your beliefs both in private and so far as possible in public. This does NOT mean walking around draped in symbols, however. It does mean just going about your daily routine and doing the best you can

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