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Much Fuck Mojo


I get pretty graphic in this post because I’m being completely transparent and real here. If you have qualms about promiscuity, you should probably avoid this post. Consider yourself duly cautioned.


Since agreeing to an open relationship and giving each other permission to be outright sluts, my partner and I have moved into something of a deeper relationship, it feels like. As if we’re truly being ourselves with each other. But that’s not really the subject of this post. The real topic here is: Gay Slut Magic.

I’ve always wanted to be a slut. I have no qualms saying it and I’m just being real. I have had no problem getting great dick in the past. I still have no problem getting great dick. And each one has been absolutely beautiful in its own right, and no matter which hole I’m receiving It’s Majesty in, a great dick never fails to please.

Even though I have no issues obtaining casual sex partners, there’s still a part of me that is greedy, dare I say even gluttonous. The more I experience the wonders of anal and oral sex with other men, the more of it I crave. And there appears to be no end in sight to the abundance of penis available to me.

Having said all of that, as I was in a meditation one afternoon, it came (pardon the pun) to me: “Self,” I said, “how’s about we conjure up more cock than we could ever imagine?” And by that I meant: how about using Witchcraft to make the cock even more prevalent and readily available! No harm, no foul, right?

So I went on a research binge. I looked up herbs in my favorite sources, scoured the web and asked around my Witchy Pals about what might work.

Several great ideas came to mind and a few of my Witchy Pals gave me some good “herbal formulas,” too.

The first is what one of them calls “Lust Dust.” Some of the ingredients on the list she gave me are:

  • Red Clover
  • Poppy Seeds
  • Calamus Root
  • Lavender
  • plus three more.

In my mind, I would grind equal portions of each of these into a powder with a mortar and pestle. And then, perhaps dust myself with it or carry some around in a sachet. But rather than go that route, since mojos (gris-gris bags, nation snacks, etc) are much more powerful for me than dust, I decided to use the formula to make a mojo. I called it the “Much Fuck Mojo.”

How to empower such a mojo is for another post. (Edit: I’m not revealing the full list of ingredients used, nor will I be telling anyone how to empower this piece of work. The damn thing is too potent.)

The mojo has been made, quickened and fed. It’s been in my pocket for about two weeks now. It was made on the day of the Moon (Monday), in the hour of Jupiter (for increase), while the moon was waxing. Since then, I’ve had one “playdate.” I had a great time – was fucked on my lunch hour and only had to drive maybe 10 minutes max from work to get it.

It’s hard (pun unintended again) to know if it’s truly working or not. It’s likely that I’ve could’ve had that playdate without the mojo’s assistance. (Like I said: I have no issues getting good dick. And he busted twice during our visit.) So I’m not sure if I want to give it more time, or if I want to modify the ingredients and start a new mojo.


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