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Cum n Get It Mojo

I decided to remake the Much Fuck Mojo and I’m renaming it, too. I don’t like the old name so much, so I’ve started calling it something a little more to its purpose – the “Cum n Get It Mojo.” I’ve reworked the ingredients to be a bit more effective for my purposes because it has come to my attention that the previous formula might be slightly too feminine for what I’m after here.

I’m definitely going to keep at least four of the original ingredients.

(Please note: I have removed the full list of ingredients for the Cum N Get It Mojo from this website. It’s just too damned potent.)

I decided to replace one of the ingredients with Patchouli. Back in the day, hippies would wear Patchouli oil to mask their dirty funk smell when they hadn’t bathed for days on end (think Woodstock). To quote the Urban Dictionary, it ” … smells like forest, pot and snuggling.” Heh heh … post-fuck snuggling, maybe (” … sex in the air, and I love the smell of it …” thanks for that Rihanna).

I’m also replacing another ingredient with Sampson Snake Root, because it’s a manly sex herb, too. In general, it’s used to enhance a man’s stamina, make him more virile and/or last longer, etc. It can be a love herb, but remember that intent plays a bigger role than most realize. So Sampson Snake Root, used with the intent to attract men, will likely do the trick. Because it’s used to “enhance” a man’s “nature” or to make him more potent, it’s a great herb for making men horny. So putting it in my mojo bag will make men horny for me. That’s the intent.

I’ve also finally decided on my seventh ingredient: Cinnamon powder. Why? Because (a) Cinnamon is the first and main ingredient in Fast Luck Oil, so it’s extra good and lucky; and (b) Cinnamon tends to speed things up (hence Fast Luck Oil, see, see?).

The taglock for the target (i.e., the wearer of the bag) will be pubic hair – pulled, not snipped, because the root should be in tact. It will be in addition to the seven main ingredients. I will also make the bag out of clothing, a hanky or other fabric that the individual has worn, rather than new fabric/flannel. And fuck the traditional “it has to be red,” shit – it doesn’t matter. As much as I’d like it to be red, it’ll be best if it’s made out of the target’s clothing, which is not red. Maybe cut it from a pair of my undies? Good idea! (Man, my creativity is spinning up these days!)


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    1. The other things, I’m guessing, are pot and post-relations snuggling? LOL It really is okay to be a hippie.

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