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Knotwork Chant

I believe part of this came from Deborah Harkness. I’m not certain that she wrote the original, as I’ve seen it in many places, but hers is the first I thought about when I decided to put this chant here. I believe Deborah’s version might’ve only gone up to six, but I could be mistaken there, as well. At any rate, I’ve taken the liberty of rearranging some of it for my own use. I just recently rediscovered this chant in one of my journals.

By knot of one, the spell’s begun;
By knot of two, the spell’s come true;
By knot of three, it comes to be;
By knot of four, I ope the door;
By knot of five, the spell’s alive;
By knot of six, the spell is fixed;
By knot of seven, blessings be given;
By knot of eight, this spell is fate;
By knot of nine, this thing is mine!

And just so you’re aware, the term “ope,” in the chant up there is not a typo. It is pronounced exactly how it sounds – OH with a hard P on the end. “Ope” is an early thirteenth century term, short for “open.” The term “ope” is to “open” as “awake” is to “awaken.” (See if you doubt my reasoning.) I like to make some of my rhymes feel a bit older, and that’s one way to do it – change a word or two to an old medieval term. LOL



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