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What Is Life Redesign?

It’s time again, folks! I’ve not posted about this on the blog before, but I figured I might as well. It’ll give me some good material to throw out there for my fave loyal readers.

It’s time for my Life Redesign project! It’s all a part of the online course I’m developing that will be going up (hopefully) by the end of the year (release date tbd, so stay tuned). I’ve done this before – usually every 5 to 7 years. But this time, there may be more than I’ve bargained for.

The first thing I do is give myself permission. By that, I mean that I’m the #1 priority at the top of my list. I give myself permission to be “selfish,” to be authentic and honest with myself. I give myself permission to not pretend to be something/someone I’m not, just because there are masses of people who think I’m an asshole. On some level, I give myself permission not to give a shit what people think about me. It’s none of my business, anyhow. What is my business is what I think of me.

Next, I divide life into six categories [ref]These six categories can be found in Take Time For Your Life, a book by one of my favorite authors, Cheryl Richardson[/ref]:

  1. Spirituality
  2. Relationships/Friendships
  3. Fun & Adventure
  4. Finances/Career
  5. Emotional & Physical Health
  6. Contributions to Others

I write about them in a journal. I don’t type out what I want to say – I write by hand. The reason is that there is something powerful about the process. Being quiet, sitting down with paper and pen, and just journaling about where you’re at in each of these six categories is powerful in itself.

Once you’ve done that, it’s easier to figure out where you want to go from here.

As an example, part of my “Contributions to Others,” is the fact that I run a Coven. Whether they realize it or not, I give into their lives this way. Coven training is free, as I find it unethical to charge for Craft Training, Initiations and Membership in a group that is primarily meant to be (and grow as) chosen family. So that is one of the ways I give back to the Pagan community at large – I try my hardest to let the Gods work through me as a Teacher and to “raise” competent Witches with standards and an ingrained love of our Faith. There are also other ways I contribute to our community, including financially.

But are there other communities I might like to contribute to, such as LGBTQ organizations, fighting against unfair regulation against vaping, and so on? Of course. And the best way to do that (for myself, at this time) if financially. I may revisit that later down the road, but with my current creative projects and the way things are headed in my life right now, I can’t physically go places to lobby or protest.

Another example is the “Fun & Adventure” category. Where am I at with that? So far, it’s been less than spectacular. There are things I’d like to do, such as skydiving, spelunking, bungee jumping, maybe even a little rock climbing. There are other things I do that are fun, of course, and maybe a little adventurous. Some folks wouldn’t consider changing one’s hair or getting piercings adventurous, but to me, they are – because I’m 39 years old with salt-and-pepper hair.

And to hear others tell it, “You should act your age – be an adult.” But I need to open myself up to a little more spontaneity. I’ve been an adult for the larger part of my life, having taken care of others and making sure everyone else is okay since my teens. I spent a large part of my twenties trapped, brainwashed, into believing in some fairytale-zombie-man who had come to “save” me from … myself? WTF is that? I also spent a large part of my life proverbially balled into a corner in a fetal position so no one would know I’m gay. The shame of it all! So no – I will not “act my age” – I will do whatever the fuck I please, thanks. I’m finished pretending to be someone else just because other people are squeamish.

I’ve found my Tribe. We are the weird, the eccentric, the spontaneous, the different. We’re the black sheep, the rejected, the forgotten, the folks that people raise their eyebrows at because we aren’t conforming to their norms. And this is who I intend to be for as long as life will let me.

Back to the Magic. When you begin to think these things through, to get them out of your head/heart and onto paper, something magical happens. Stress begins to dissipate. You attain a sense of relief about where you’re at compared to some other folks. And as that relief grows, so does the space in your head/heart for the new to enter in and take up residence.

Which is why you also write about where you want to go with each of those categories. Because as you write about them, you realize what could be. And as you begin to realize what could be, (at the risk of sounding a little New Age-y) the Universe (Spirit, Source, whatever-else-you-want-to-call-it) generally starts backing up your goals with situations and circumstances that seem … Well, they’re sometimes sudden (for me, anyhow) but you just know what to do because your intuition starts screaming at you about them. TAKE THE LEAP, it says. IF YOU DON’T RISK IT, YOU MAY LOSE IT. And that truth smacks me in the head quite often.

So that’s pretty much what Life Redesign is all about – it starts with evaluating where you’re at, then figuring out what you want to be/do/have.

The next thing to do: pick one of the areas to start working on ASAP, even with the smallest possible step.

Oh … and I pierced my right eyebrow last weekend …


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