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Be A Goddess, Week Eight

5208cbd4ea34f8921e3a4afe9a2b64b1Week Eight has been about the three selves. Most people associate the idea of the Three Selves with Feri ala Victor and Cora Anderson, which Victor apparently adopted from Huna. Because Francesca DeGrandis was trained in Feri and then founded The Third Road, it makes sense.

But just a quick side note: Feri isn’t the only Tradition that utilized this information in its work. So did the Tradition in which I was trained. I still use the Three Selves concept in my practice in the ways in which I was taught. (Part of what my Tradition does with the Three Selves is still an Oathbound secret, which is why I’m working on restarting Mystic Star Coven.) Amber K also mentions utilization of the Three Selves in ritual design in a particular book, but that’s not for today. I’m off topic, so getting back to it …


One of the rituals performed (though not a ritual, but more of a prayer formula) is the Ha Prayer. You breathe deep, take in what Francesca (and the Huna) calls, “mana,” and send it up to Godself. I call this energy, “Awen,” as that is what it has been to me since my training. No matter what you name it, though, the energy is the same: a very real, potent and tangible energy raised through breath-work.

I did the Ha Prayer on a number of occasions, both with Francesca’s book and the book Huna: A Beginner’s Guide, by Enid Hoffman. For me, personally, I’ve not found it to be particularly … different. That’s not to say that I haven’t gotten amazing results from doing it; just that, truthfully, it doesn’t feel especially new to me, I guess. Maybe the reason for this indifference towards the Ha Prayer is that I do it already, am already practiced in it, just in a different way than is taught in Francesca’s book. I’m still going to continue working on it, though … you never know what might change in an instant.

Francesca’s recommendation is to add the Ha Prayer into ritual right after the purification rite. In the setting up for ritual in which I am trained already, this would be either just before or in place of the Attunement ritual step.

This chapter was also about cleansing the home, both spiritually and physically. And that makes sense for me, because I’ve been feeling something odd around the house. In general, I am a very happy, optimistic person, but lately, I’ve been very “blah.” And sometimes snappy and grumpy. The issue is that this is only happening at home. I know it’s not a reaction to my partner, because when we’re away from the house together, I don’t have the shitty attitude that I do at home. So it’s something about the house. I think it just needs to be cleansed again. Time constraints are inhibiting that, however, so as soon as possible, both a mundane and psychic cleansing of the living quarters must be accomplished. (Probably Monday the 16th.)

Francesca also recommends making offerings to what she calls, “House Gods,” or “Little Gods.” These are what I call, “Spirits of Place.” They can be nature spirits, such as the Fey themselves, for sure (who have been hanging out at my American Hornbeam tree in the back yard of late), or they can little spirits who dwell in your house. I don’t feed these spirits on a regular basis, just because they have many, many ways to obtain food (they survived centuries without my offerings, after all), but I do it when I feel its necessary. Maybe this whole “blah” feeling is one of those times? Who knows.

What Francesca is talking about, as far as House Cleansings go, seems to be what I’m accustomed to: a three phase formula. First you seal it from outside influence (things can go out, but nothing can come in). Then you cleanse it – send out all the energies and entities dwelling there (again: they can get out, but not back in without invite). Then you bless it – use incenses, sacred waters and what-not that are special to you, and then invite the spirits you want to invite back; everyone else has to depart. So my process, in a nutshell, is: Seal, Cleanse, Bless.

I have done other things this week with Awen and with Godself. Tuesday, I had to complete a magical working and the power I felt during that was amazing. My regular meditations and energy work, along with semi-regular Puja to Ganesh, are keeping me going, too. Speaking of which, I’m off to shower and do some of that energy work now.

Peace, namaste and blessed be!

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