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Cum n Get It Mojo, Constructed

On Tuesday, the 10th of June, I constructed the Cum N Get It Mojo. I actually made two of them (one for myself and one for the hubs, because, as I said in Muck Fuck Mojo, we’re in an open relationship now, fulfilling a certain dream we’ve both had), which took close to the full hour. I’d finished them up just in time.

Now, if you know me fairly well as a Witch, you know I’m all about the Witch’s Pyramid (not Witches because that’s plural, and the name of it should show ownership, not plurality, grammatically speaking – yes, that’s always bugged me). The North face of the Witch’s Pyramid is To keep silent, which has a number of implications. One of those implications is that it’s in good form to “keep silent” about spellwork. The assumption is that telling too many people spreads the power too thin, especially if those people do not believe in magic, and, thus, the spell has a smaller chance of success.

But for most of my magic, I like to give my experimentation some air-time amongst fellow Believers.

I decided against making the bags out of used undies or pajamas or anything like that. The color red is good for both Mars and passionate sex, so the symbolism fit there; so, I used red flannel. I did, however, use specific color stitching from the (now seemingly defunct and ancient) “gay hanky code.” Light blue handkerchiefs worn in the back pocket signified that one was seeking oral sex … in the left pocket for the guy who wanted to receive oral sex, in the right for the guy who wanted to give oral sex. Dark blue, or regular everyday blue, handkerchiefs signaled good old-fashioned butt-sex, left for the top guy, right for the bottom guy. So I used light blue thread and dark/regular blue thread for the side stitching on the bags. Whether one wants to be “top” or “bottom” for the night determines where one places/carries the hand. (That was included in the instructions for the little critter.)

Once the pouch is activated and alive, close out the ritual.

Only feed hir once a week – preferably the same day you birthed hir. And talk to hir, too, like a friend. Tell him/her how fun it’s going to be and how you’ll occasionally give her/him an extra little reward for the really extra-hot fellahs that drop by your yard. Be cautious not to over-feed your hand – a fat ass, overfed spirit is a lazy-ass spirit every day of the week. We aren’t creating dependent pets here, we’re creating worker bees. Carry your baby boy/girl with you whenever you want to get some ass/dick (depending on your preferences). Remember to put hir in the correct pocket or safety-pin hir to the correct side of your body (left to be the top-boss, right to be the bottom-boi). Every time you go out with the intent of getting dick/ass, and where you intend to put it once you get it, you should be informing your traveling companion of these intentions.

And that’s it. The reason I waited until today (6/18/14) to post this is because it’s been the full seven days. My baby has been in my pocket or in my pillow case all seven days and he’s been fed appropriately. You will never see/hear his name, because that power is granted solely to me, his creator. So that’s that! On to other posts!

(Just so you know: the complete ingredients list and the ritual for activating and giving the bag life have been removed from this blog. Reason: it’s dangerous. If you make this thing, it will gain you an overwhelming amount of offers for casual sex, and you could run some risks, if you don’t take extra special care.)


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