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Woah! Slow Down Mojo!

What in the hell?! You’ll be happy to know that the Cum N Get It Mojos are working¬†gangbusters! Like: SERIOUSLY. LOL

I constructed two of them – one for myself and one for the hubs.

Last week, the hubs had a BBC (for those unaware: “big black cock”) drop by one night. They played around. And reportedly, the guy “got it in,” and said that the hubs was even cuter in person. LOL Also, on Friday night, the hubs had a wrestler dude¬†(right: a wrestler) from out of town invite him over to his hotel room. And the hubs went. They enjoyed some playtime and some massages. (wink, wink) By the way: everyone seems to want to shower – literally, in the shower – with him for some reason. Must be the new “in” thing. LOL

Today, I rubbed my mojo on my phone (with Grindr open, of course) and suddenly had like 50 freaking messages. I had a 23 year old who’d been by before ask me if I would be kind enough (to put it politely) to please him orally. And YES! He’d been by before, so I was not about to refuse that enormous deliciousness. Also, a 19 year old (NINETEEN! – I checked his ID) into “older gentlemen” wanted to top me! And he thought I was CUTE. So … yes.

For anyone in doubt, Gay Slut Magic works. Apparently, it is becoming a specialty of mine. (giggles)

These Cum N Get It Mojos are rocking my world!


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