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Be A Goddess, Week Ten

(Note: This post should’ve gone up somewhere around the 24th of June, but I wasn’t satisfied with the writing. I’ve revised it a number of times, and now, whether satisfied or not, the post has to go live. I can’t put it off any longer – my intuition keeps screaming at me to get it up! So here it is! Enjoy! ~Feyaddynn)

This week’s lesson was about being part of the Earth. But not just about us – in a philosophical sense – being “part of the Earth.” Rather, it was about grounding – literally feeling yourself as part of the Earth.

There is a “Grounding Ritual No. 2” given in two parts. The assignment was to do this grounding once more during the week, then once a week for the next three weeks. Seeing as I’m behind on my posts for this, I’ll go ahead and let you know that I did them as assigned. I’ve also used it once more since then.

The whole idea of “Grounding Ritual No. 2” is to help us focus on feeling our muscles – our bodies – as the Earth itself. The realization is that, as we move, or stand silent, so, too, does the Earth. The Earth gets to dance through us as we dance as part of the Grounding (if we dance for it, that is, as we’re encouraged to select what level of movement feels right to us).

Then there was an outline of “The Magical Formula.”

Parts of it seem backwards to me, and that’s just life. We all do things differently.

For example, first, you’re taken through any pre-ritual work you do (like setting up an altar, if you do that, and that sort of thing). Then, you do a breathing exercise (which focuses you) and the Ha Prayer. Then you ground. Then you “bless the path,” which consists of inviting the Gods and anointing your forehead with dirt and water (or your own spit, whichever you prefer). After that, the main body, then the closing – which consists of grounding, if needed, and “devocation” (or what I call “Thanking Deity”).

For myself, I would do it this way:

= cleansing the area and self; cleansing the self here takes the form of Francesca’s anointing with dirt/water combo, or spit, although I was taught to use a salt/water combo

= attunement, which is breathing and/or chanting

= the Ha Prayer

= inviting the Gods

= main body

= thanking Deity

= grounding, if necessary

Although I did omit a few steps, the steps I omitted are part of my original Tradition. I still use them, but they don’t fit into Francesca’s outline at all at this point. So we’ll leave them for another time. I did, so you know, use the steps in the order that Francesca outlines them, even though I felt a bit backwards with it.

The rest of the lesson was on self-acceptance, and a “Spell for Self-Acceptance.” I did this exercise once, which is about releasing tensions, listening to the messages of your own intuition/soul and resting. It felt really nice, but in all honesty, it seemed to lack power. I’m not sure if that’s because maybe I wasn’t focused, or I naturally have less of a need to accept certain things about myself because I’ve already done that.

This week (remember: I’m slightly behind), (6/1/14) I found out that my cousin (who was more like a brother to me) committed suicide. While I did not use the On-the-Spot-Purification to cleanse myself of grief or mourning, I did use it. Instead, I used the Purification Rite to garner a bit of strength to make it through a night of work while still in the process of mourning. I may have to use it again this week a few times.

Because it is currently 6/2, I should’ve started on the Eleventh Week’s Lesson yesterday, but I’m having difficulty forcing myself to do the work. I may have to take a little time off from it to allow myself time to grieve the loss of my cousin. We’ll see.

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