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Backwards Strategic Design for Your Goals & Dreams

I wrote in What Is Life Redesign? about the first few steps I take when I undergo this process. Everyone is asking “what is life about” and “how do I do what it is I feel like I need to do?” People ask me, “Now that I know, what do I do?”

After a couple of days, come back to your journal, your list of things you’ve written. Get quiet. Open your mind. I know this is going to sound very “new age,” but it is what it is. The languaging helps to understand where I’m going with this.

Once you’re quiet, ask your own heart center, your spirit or soul, your Sacred Self, if it is satisfied with these six areas of life. You may have already done this because you’ve already started writing about what it is you want (if you followed along with my last post).

This is about you, not what others want of you, or what they think of you, so stay away from the “shoulds.” Don’t be afraid to dream big, but also realize that smaller, practical goals are more easily manifested into being. You can break down the bigger goals later, but don’t yourself be overwhelmed by the enormity of your goals and dreams.

If they start to feel too scary, or the negative voice pipes up and says you’re being “unrealistic,” simply revise them (for now). The more you repeat the seemingly more realistic goals and dreams to yourself, the more that negative voice will subside. But always make note of the bigger goals and pictures and dreams so that you can come back to them when the time is right.

Take another break.

After another couple of days of rest and just being with where you are now, come back and dive into the first part of the strategic design process.

Strategic Design comes from the business world and it is a teaching concept for the classroom, as well. The idea is to break down the goals, but break them down backwards. The smaller chunks are more easily accomplishable, mostly because we’re more comfortable with things we already know we can do now.

As an example: say that I wanted to get a new job. The first thing I would do is decide what kind of job I was looking for, then figure out what companies were in that field and see if any of them were hiring or putting out a call for resumes or anything like that. And then I’d get that paperwork together and send it in. As simple as that part of the process might be, I want to lay it out for you in that backwards stepping process so you know what I mean about “Strategic Design.”

  • Goal: Have an office job.
  • Before I can do that, I need to: be hired for an office job.
  • Before I can do that, I need to: interview for an office job.
  • Before I can do that, I need to: land an interview.
  • Before I can do that, I need to: send in a resume.
  • Before I can do that, I need to: polish my current resume.

See the simple, back-stepping that takes place? The easiest way to do something like this is to ask yourself: Before I can do that, I need to _____. Fill in the blank, and know that this is one of the steps you’re going to have to take.

I hope this makes sense. It’s simple to me because I’ve been doing it for so long, but if it takes a minute to catch on, try re-reading the list of steps to take from bottom to top. Each one of those steps can be enhanced or assisted by a magical technique.

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