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The Magic of a Key


The other day (actually, last Tuesday), I was in the mood for a bit of magic. I had a goal to work on, and for the spellcraft I was brainstorming, a key would’ve been perfect. I love the look and feel of old skeleton keys.

So I went on a hunt in the basement – I could’ve sworn I had one back in the early 2000’s that I stashed for safekeeping. (Random tip: if you want to banish something from your life forever, put it in a “safe place” so you’ll never forget. You’re guaranteed to forget. LOL)

Keep in mind that what we think of as skeleton keys nowadays, aren’t necessarily actual skeleton keys. Skeleton keys were/are otherwise known as “master” keys. What we perceive to be skeleton keys are really just antique (old, or vintage) bit-and-barrel keys.

At any rate, master keys – and bit-and-barrel keys – are excellent for certain types of workings.


Guess what keys do? They unlock things. But never forget that they also lock them, and so can shut tight the doors that you’ve been working so hard to open. In other words: keep the spirits happy, and your keys in line-of-sight!

I never actually found the key. But I did remember some odd bits of key lore that I thought peeps might want to know about. So here they are …

  1. Nail a key upside down over the head of the bed to lock out nightmares.
  2. Never place keys on a dining room table, or a coffee table. Hang them, or put them on a liquor cabinet, instead. Putting them on coffee tables or dining room tables causes the two heads of the household to quarrel.
  3. Give a key to a pregnant woman to “unlock” the baby.
  4. Place a key under your child’s pillow to keep the fey from taking them, and replacing them with one of their own.
  5. Three keys are sometimes worn together in order to unlock the three levels of happiness in life: love, health, and wealth.
  6. The first time you enter a new home, be sure to enter through the front door carrying the key to house. If you have a companion with you who will also be living in the house with you, make sure to hand the key back through the door so that they, too, can carry it in. This will ensure that any spirits living in the house are aware that you’re there in peace, and on good terms.
  7. Hang a brass key on a red string behind the front door for protection from all manner of foul spirits sent against you by a malefic practitioner of the Craft.
  8. To unlock fame, carry a master key in your right pocket.
  9. If you’d rather remain invisible to the paparazzi, just move that same master key to your left pocket.

Odd bits of lore or not, I think it’s pretty interesting that keys have been used for magic for so many long centuries.

There’s just something about the look and feel of an old key. It makes the mind ponder on sweet memories, and odd collections of things – maybe even old tomes of powerful secrets – locked behind someone’s door.

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