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Is Magic Based In Spirituality?

Having a blog means that I sometimes get emails, and those emails are generally questions. Often, they’re questions about my opinion on a certain situation – or they’re questions like, “Can you do a money/love/sex/romance/work/career spell for me?”

Truth: yes, I can do a money/love/sex/romance/work/career spell for you. But, I have a limited number of Clients, and the reason is time. The Clients I currently work with are those who came to me long ago, back when I first started blogging, or who heard about me around that time from then-current Clients. Because of my current creative projects that I’m working on for the voracious readers and avid fans of this blog, I don’t currently take on new Clients. (That could change later, but right now, time is of concern.)

Having said all that, let’s just be honest: magic works, but it might not work if your background is way far off in right field and very, very different from mine. And that’s because of what I said above: spirituality.

I don’t use magic based in Christianity. I don’t use what most people today refer to as “Hoodoo,” for the simple reason that it is based on a spiritual foundation that I have no connection to or even interest in. I was raised in a “Bapticostal” household, and I even drank that brand of Kool-aid and went oogly-googly for a few years. But the longer I stayed there, the worse my life became. I was depressed, always felt like I had to “perform” for someone else, and was pressured to live a heterosexual lie. So I left it.

And maybe I’m still a bit bitter – we’re all human and we all have work to do – but there was no reason for me to stay there, and there’s no reason for me to go back there.

Every single time I’ve tried to use “Hoodoo,” as people know it now, the magic has failed, or my life has become inherently worse. Mostly because that work involved the Bible or some operation of faith as prescribed by the Bible. And I don’t get into that shit anymore.

I use what I term “Appalachian Folk Magic,” which comes from my ancestry. Yes, some of it is based in Christianity, but as for myself, I don’t utilize those things that are not part of my own spirituality. In other words: the aspects of Appalachian Folk Magic that are based in nature-spirituality, in faith in oneself and one’s own innate, natural powers and abilities — those are the things I use. And the magic works – every. single. time. My Clients can vouch for it.

Reason being: my magic is based in my spirituality. Earth is my home. She provides for me, sustains me, gives me many a worthy gift. The Moon is my sister. She reveals things to me and guides me. The Sun is my brother. He indiscriminately shines upon everyone and everything, without judgment, and teaches me to do the same. The Trees are my friends, cousins, brothers, sisters – they whisper wisdom to me. The wind is my friend – it brings me what I need and whisks away that which is come to harm me.

I cavort with spirits, sing with trees, dance with fairies and make love with my sweet Pan.

So I use the magic of these things. And it works. Because it’s foundation is my spirituality.

So no, I will not pray a Psalm over a seven-day candle with a picture of the Virgin of Guadalupe plastered onto it.

But I will chant Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha in front of my Ganesha shrine for you. Or I will make offerings to the Pale People Below at the base of my favorite tree in the backyard on your behalf. Or I will give gifts of fruit to Sister River with your request. Or I will create a ritual and dance with Pan in private ritual space to secure something really important to you.

But that’s only when I have the time to take on new Clients again.

And for me and my Clients, my magic works. But it has a secure foundation in my spirituality.

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