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4 Banishing Tools Every Witch Can Use

There is no such thing as a permanent banishing technique. At least, not where spirits are concerned. People? Yes, people I can get rid of in a heartbeat – just pretend to be really clingy and needy. They’ll go away, and then you can get on with living your life. But that’s not the point of this post. LOL

Instead, I want to talk about banishing spirits, since at some point, you’re probably going to want to do that. In that light, here are 4 banishing techniques I use on a regular basis, and which generally keep the space – and me – clear of the funk and junk.

Censing – This is done by lighting your incense and wafting it about the room. Many prefer sage for this, hence the term “Saging.” While sage is great for banishing unwanted spirit entities, I don’t enjoy the smell of burning sage. So I tend to stick with other favorite stick incenses (like Nag Champa or Sandalwood). Sweetgrass smells better to me than Sage, anyhow, and, with the right intent, will succeed at the same type of banishing. If you’re allergic to loose incense, or sticks, you can try using a combo of essential oils in a base oil that can do the same thing. For example, I make my own Dragon’s Blood Oil, and use that in an oil warmer. Dragon’s Blood Resin (the stuff in the DB Oil) is extremely powerful for banishing unwanted influence of negativity and/or negative spirits, and clears space for communication with Deity.

Sprinkling/Anointing – This is done by blessing two ingredients and mixing them. Bless salt (table salt will do), and then bless water (spring-water or rainwater is best, but tap will do in a pinch). Mix the two together, say a chant, and then use a sprig of herb (or the first two fingers of your dominant hand) to sprinkle the mix about the room. Some (including myself) say a chant with this one when in private. When with the Coven, however, it isn’t necessary to say a chant – the intent of the full group to banish unwanted entities is enough.

Tolling the Bell – Another oldie but goodie – it’s performed by taking up a bell and ringing it haphazardly and loudly in each corner of the room. Be sure to also add in above, and below, to be super safe. Some people use the bell to call spirits just before casting a circle, alerting the spirits to the presence of the person/group. It’s based on the idea that the old Town Crier would walk through town ringing a bell when there was news, calling people out to him to hear what he had to say. However, excessively loud noise tends to drive most spirits of ill-intent away. I have seen one High Priestess toll the bell above the head, at the solar plexus, and at the feet of each participant in a circle, which accomplishes another category of banishing.

The Central Black Candle – I love this one when I’m cleaning house. Take a black altar-size candle, inscribe it with the rune Algiz. It’s the one that looks like a letter Y with a central stick in the fork. Put this candle in the room of your house that receives the most activity. Kitchens where people enter through the back door are good, as is the living room, den, or television room, which is where most families spend the majority of their times. It used to be the dining room was the most-used room, but alas, those precious days are gone. You may decided to chant, and that’s fine. But with the candle engraved with Algiz, it absorbs all negative or foul stuff. So when it burns out all the way, put it in a bag (grocery bag, sandwich baggie, whatever), and cover it with salt. Close it up, and throw it in your dumpster.

There are as many banishing techniques as there are individual Practitioners of the Craft. The 4 I mentioned above are simple, to the point, and usable by just about anyone. Obviously, no banishing tech is permanent, at least that I’ve yet to find.

What banishing techniques have you found useful throughout your practice? (On spirits, not people **wink, wink.**)

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