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Demonic Questions

Every now and again, I get someone who flies by the blog and rattles off a few questions. Sometimes, I can sense that they’re silly questions, and that the person is likely asking just for entertainment purposes. We call that trolling.

Lately, there’s been a rash of folks interested in demonology and, for some strange reason, this person thought I was “the expert” to give them answers to these pressing concerns. So here’s my list of answers to the top six questions I’ve been emailed recently. I’m not saying all of these are legit questions, but it was fun answering them.

  • How do you define demon?
    • I believe that spirit entities are real. So, on some level, for me, demons exist. But I don’t consider them “the opposite of angels,” or even in a Christian context at all. The word “demon,” to me carries this definition: deity, divine power, lesser god, guiding spirit, tutelary deity. It could also be taken to mean one’s genius, lot or fortune. Sometimes, the word is spelled daemon to differentiate it from the typical idea of “Satan’s minions.” Even though some might be offended by the idea (as they still have associations of “demon” with “evil”), I tend to view my Godself (more commonly known as the “Higher Self” or “Holy Guardian Angel”) as a demon. And I rather like the modern sans-a spelling of “demon.”
    • I also believe, however, that there are actual spirit entities, whether created by man’s mind or a Divine intervention, that are the modern Occult’s idea of a “demon.” If you have a copy of (or have read) The Lemegeton, you’ll see what I mean. The Lemegeton is the Lesser Key of Solomon, also known as the Goetia. I do not believe that these entities exist as servants to a master named, “Satan,” as the Bible suggests. I simply find them to be business- or transaction-oriented spirits.
  • Do demons really exist?
    • If you take the demon to be one’s higher self or genius or a guiding spirit, as I do, then yes, I believe that demons really exist. In fact, I might be ever so bold as to say that, in my particular belief system, every human being has three individual demons.
    • I find that, even if I don’t believe a demon exists (such as one from the Goetia), if I were to attempt to summon it and make a pact with it, it would likely happen. Not because I’m overly-talented at magic, or because I’m some big Adept, or even because I believe demons exist. Simply: even if I didn’t believe demons existed in this form, they might still appear, simply because there is a gigantic egregore surrounding them, because so many people believe they do exist.
    • I feel as most of the demons in the Goetia are likely aspects, personifications or outright thieveries of the deities of a previous culture. And this could be or might not be true, but it is my opinion that this is the case.
  • How do I summon a demon?
    • Well, I’m certainly not going to tell you how to do that here. There is a plethora of great material out there for you to pick up and read, should you decide that summoning a demon is something you’re truly driven to do. If you’re truly interested, however, you might want to check out this article at
  • Can demons possess people against their will?
    • I personally think that the idea makes for a whole shitload of really fucking awesome Hollywood horror flicks. (Horror is my favorite genre, and supernatural horror is even better!) But for myself, I feel that a soul takes up a certain physical space as residence, and that, for a demon to possess a body, that space has to be emptied out. Souls don’t leave their bodies behind easily, and they certainly aren’t going to do it without a fight. As an example, have you ever tried to astral travel? That shit takes loads and loads of practice for most of the average human race. It did for me. It took me decades to astral travel and I’m still not that damned good at it. So to be honest, I don’t think demons can involuntarily kick a soul from a body and possess the body. I think that the individual soul has to give some sort of permission for that to happen, as we, as humans, have free will and jurisdiction over our physical beings (and what goes in and comes out of it).
  • What about animals?
    • Read above again. The same theory holds true. I think some people call this “soul displacement theory,” or something whack like that. For myself, if a spirit takes up residence in an animal, and it is not the animal’s own soul or spirit, then the animal is likely a familiar. No, your sweet Fluffy is not a Familiar – not unless you’ve deliberately performed a ritual to kick Fluffy’s soul out and replace it with a spirit that you work with regularly. My Gerty – as sweet as she is and as much as she likes to attempt to eat me some days – is not my Familiar. She has her own soul (albeit a flesh-eating one). And she will not become my familiar unless I deliberately perform a ritual to replace her soul with a spirit (such as a demon from the Goetia). Animals have spirits/souls of their own. They may be able to – with their own soul or spirit – become a spiritual guide for you on some dream-plane-reality, or even very close to you in a spiritual/magical sense in your daily life. But until and unless you replace their own soul with the soul of another entity, a familiar, that animal will not become your familiar. And they aren’t likely to give up their bodies easily, either, just like humans – which is why a ritual must deliberately performed to force an animal into being the house for a foreign entity. (And the process is cruel, so I’m not giving it to you.)

I’m not an expert on demonology. I’ve only worked with one spirit from the Goetia in my lifetime and he was a great help. Our business transaction went as planned and the contract with the demon ended amicably. That was several years ago.

So if you have questions you’d like to ask – related to demonology or any other topic I might be able to assist with – please drop me a line. You can use the Contact page to do just that.

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