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5 Ways to Boost Your Magical Prowess

Ever wondered about how you can boost your magic? What makes you tick? What seems to be holding back your power? Try these 5 simple tips to help you “level up” in your magical prowess.

1. Take up a daily practice. You’d be surprised how many people who complain about their spells not working just won’t make the time for a daily practice. Don’t think you can meditate? That’s not true – you’re practicing a form of meditation even now, by concentrating on the words you see before you. Afraid that energy work is not your schtick? Not so. You don’t have to be able to visualize a three-dimensional, ornate temple to run energies of the earth through your chakras. Don’t know what chakras are? Visit your local library. There’s bound (pardon the pun, fellow bibliophiles) to be a good book that can at least serve as an intro. Put together what works for you. If you feel you don’t have the time, now is the time to carve out an extra fifteen minutes of your day.

2. Do the spiritual things. Set up an altar or shrine to your favorite Deity if you possibly can. Make offerings, even it’s just a candle or a stick of incense. Get out in nature and enjoy some solitude among the trees. Hug a tree, sniff a pleasantly odoriferous flower and go barefoot. Drink your coffee on the porch while you stare at the local wildlife and just mull things over in your mind. Most of all (and this is my personal recommendation), become an animist. Start to view all things as having their own spirits, personality quirks and individual traits. Trust: it goes a long, long way.

3. Don’t substitute ingredients for spellwork. If you’re already doing spells, whether of your own creation or from someone else’s book, don’t sub ingredients. Not if you can help it at all. There really aren’t any excuses anymore. There are plenty of places online you can purchase fresh or dried herbs and plants in bulk, if you can’t find them locally (or don’t want to run the risk of being seen walking into a Botanica or Pagan Shop).

4. When you’re bored, craft a spell. Figure out what spellcrafting is. Stop relying on other folks’ written material. Break some spells down and see what processes they go through. In a single book, there are bound to be multiple spells that follow a similar process or central structure. Figure it out and use it to create your own spells. And then experiment – cast them and see if they work. Keep a journal about it and review later to see if anything came about, then write about the results you experienced. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: it’s called a practice for a reason – you have to actually practice to get good at it.

5. Practice Extreme Self-Love. Is this out of place here? I don’t think so. You have to be willing to take time for you. If you can’t get over the Flu, your family won’t benefit from your care-taking skills when they take ill. Make sense? Put yourself at the top of your list and start taking more bubble-baths, more walks in nature, more time on the porch with your coffee, etc. You owe it to yourself. More than that, when you practice actual self-love (not the pretend kind, where you fool yourself into thinking you love yourself through motivational posters), you are taking care of the primary tool of real magical power: you.

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