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Email Tarot Consult

I don't have to tell you what the Tarot is - it's a great tool for communicating with the Spirits, and getting some much-needed clarity on a situation.

  1. Click the purchase button.
  2. Follow these instructions (which you'll also see on the 'Thank You' page):
    1. Reply to your Email Receipt, making sure that the ONLY email address in the TO field is alan@theshamanwitch.com
    2. Type your 1-3 questions in the body of the email. I'd prefer you give a little background to the situation if you're comfortable with that, but it isn't absolutely necessary.
    3. Include your birthdate, as well as a photo (such as a Facebook profile pic) of you, if you're comfortable doing so.
  3. Give me 48 hours to do your reading.

I'll email you a link to a PDF with a photo of your layout, my interpretation, and any messages I receive from the Spirits.


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