1 Question Tarot Consult Thank You – Alan Fuller | The Shaman Witch

Email Tarot Consult

IMPORTANT! Please follow these instructions.

Thanks for purchasing a Tarot Consult.

Please read (and follow) the steps below to receive your reading:

  1. Reply to your Email Receipt, making sure that the ONLY email address in the TO field is alan@theshamanwitch.com
  2. Type your question in the body of the email. You CAN give a little detail if you want to, but it isn't absolutely necessary.
  3. Include your birthdate, as well as a photo (such as a Facebook profile pic) of you, if you're comfortable doing so.

Please give me 48 hours from the time you send this to me.

I will complete your Tarot Consult, and email you back with a link to a PDF of your reading. It will contain a photo of your layout, and my interpretation.

The PDF will be available for download for 7 days after I've emailed you the link. If you wish to keep it, please download it to your computer, as I will remove it from my Google Drive after 7 days.