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Bigger, Better, Badder Spellcraft

By now, you’re probably pretty curious about whether or not Operative Witchery can fit into your life, or even if it’s worth taking yet another magickal course.

Maybe you’re thinking to yourself, “Will this process work for me …”

  • if I already have a regular magickal practice?
  • if I don’t know how to plan things out strategically?
  • if I’m afraid to work with spirits?
  • if I don’t have any foundation in magickal practice at all?
  • if I don’t know who my Patron deity is? Or who my Ancestors are?
  • if I’m just coming to realize that Paganism/Witchcraft might be for me?

I can give you a big, fat, hearty YES to ALL of that.

One of my Clients had never, ever done spellwork for herself. She had paid other people (who did Hoodoo-style work) to do the work for her, to no avail, up until that point.

As a matter of fact, she was afraid to try this process out. But, she opened her mind, and took a chance.

And instead of me doing the magick for her, she did it herself. And six months after I walked her through this process, she met the man who will become her husband in May, of 2018.

Another one of my Clients is a traditional Gardnerian Wiccan. His magickal skill was no small thing, and he’s been a Gardnerian for over 20 years. He’s got chops, and he gets results. But when he knocked out the planning process I teach, not only did he open a Pagan bookstore, he achieved his dream of moving to California, to do it.

So yes – this process can work for you whether you’re a baby shrimp, or a well-seasoned slab of steak.

But wait …

Just because it will work for you doesn’t mean you should go hog-wild and start buying up a bunch of herbs, fabrics, candles, and ritual paraphernalia.

First off, if you’re not at least kinda clear on something you want to achieve, you’re probably not ready for this system.

You’re also not ready for this system if you expect to shirk on your self-work, and your self-love.

So how do you know if you are ready to start using Operative Witchery?

After working with so many Clients, and refining it for myself, too, I’ve discovered that Operative Witchery works best for three types of people …

Type #1: “I get decent spell results here and there, but it doesn’t feel very consistent to me.”

  • When I started working on actual goals with my spellwork, my results were highly inconsistent. But as I got to know more about how to apply Operative Witchery as I was putting it together, the consistency really amped up.
  • Imagine being able to listen to your intuition and adjust on the fly when needed, so that your work produces what you need and want, on a more frequent basis.
  • You’ll be able to find and keep your focus to achieve what you’re after.

Type #2: “I have very little (or no) magickal experience, and I’m excited to dive into spellwork.”

  • Believe it or not, when I got my Third Degree and started running Covens in 1995, I had no magickal experience, either. My home Coven didn’t teach spellwork, only the religious side of the Craft. So everything I know now, I learned by watching my great grandmother, or it’s a spell that I’ve picked up over the years.
  • Imagine stepping into a complete, ready-to-go system, and not having to go through years of research, and trial and error, to get the results you want.
  • You’ll be able to skip the long arduous journey of reading bits and pieces here and there, and having to piece them together on your own. It’s all right here in Operative Witchery.

Type #3: “I’m an old hat at spellcraft, and comfy in my life, but I’m bored af and ready to get my magickal groove back.”

  • When I finally started getting the results I wanted, it took me no time to start applying the Operative Witchery system to meeting my needs. I’m really comfy now, too, and I get bored from time to time. All that means is that you’re free to pick a project, run with it, and use it as a springboard to bigger and better.
  • Imagine seeing the results others get, and then using that as inspiration to jump off the diving board into your own magickal experiments.
  • You’ll be able to take a deep dive into Operative Witchery, tailor it to fit in with your current practice, and amp it up to “Next Level Witchery.”

Do you fall into one of those categories?

Like I said, Operative Witchery isn’t necessarily for everyone.

BUT, if you’re ready to crank it up, and think you can bring some stick-to-it-iveness to the table, Operative Witchery might just be perfect for you.

Your next step is to get on the Waitlist. Because the webinar/workshop for the Operative Witchery Framework is only available to those who are on it. (And so is the early enrollment discount.)

Click here to get on the waitlist.

Click here to see the content of the Operative Witchery Program.

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