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Don’t Play with Dirt

Now I know there are some people who will flat out disagree with this post. And that’s fine ~ that’s your prerogative. But I’ve dealt with all of this for many a good long year. As a Witch, I’m pretty fucking long in the tooth ~ so try to bear with me.

A lot of people would have you believe that Witchcraft is not dangerous.

For example: I saw someone’s post on a forum the other day that said “Graveyard dirt isn’t dangerous ~ it all depends on your intent, as always.” But I take umbrage with this statement in a number of ways.

First: when you employ graveyard dirt in a working, you’re not just using dirt in a spell. The whole point of getting the dirt is so that you can employ the spirit in a working ~ a mission, if you will. The dirt itself is useless. I’m sure it has some power in it (as all of nature does), but graveyard dirt acts like a red phone ~ it’s the hotline to the spirit of the person from whose grave you’ve gathered the dirt. In the realm of Conjure as I was taught it, graveyard dirt acts like a personal concern ~ it’s a link to the spirit of the dead person. And we all know that spirits can be dangerous.

Second: when we seek to work with a spirit, we need to be sure that we’re getting the right kind of spirit. You wouldn’t ask the spirit of Gandi to help you exact revenge on a shitty boss ~ he’d suggest you stage a hunger strike. Likewise, you wouldn’t ask a Soldier to help you obtain peace (not directly anyhow, but that’s another method ~ let’s keep it simple for now). The Solider would rather fight for you. But ~ if you call upon a Christian Soldier who fought for the Church during the Witch Hysteria days, all the while following your Pagan gods, he’s not likely to help you. In fact, he might turn on you because your values aren’t aligned.

Third: the word intent here is a huge misnomer. Going back to our Christian Soldier example, he’s not going to give a flying rat’s ass what your intent is ~ because you’re following Pagan gods, which he considers “of the devil.” You can attempt to employ this spirit to fight against your passive aggressive boss who is trying every second to get you fired. But it won’t work, guaranteed. Again ~ because your values are not in agreement with one another. You’re not impressing your intent upon the dirt for a spell, you’re employing a spirit who has his/her own virtues and ideals.

Fourth: when you employ that spirit for a purpose, you are setting up a relationship. It is a business relationship ~ a contractual obligation. You will have to make an agreement. There will be conditions, like with any contract, that you will have to meet. You will have to feed the spirit, ask the spirit to reveal information to you about the target if/when you need it, and even make sure that the spirit is gathering intel on the correct target. And you’ll have to realize that this spirit (once a living human being) is now giving you information on the target through his/her own filters. This is not a strictly objective viewpoint from some “higher entity.” You’re working with a dead person here. And if you find one hanging in the graveyard waiting for some employment to come along, you’ll need to recognize that s/he expects payment for services rendered.

Fifth: there is a right way and a wrong way to gather graveyard dirt, and there are consequences when you don’t do it properly. The correct way to gather graveyard dirt is to find the graveyard, then make payment to the Keeper of the Gate. In some traditions, this is Oya, in others, a Black Man of the Sabbath, and in others, Hecate. What and how you pay them depends upon their cultural affiliation. And you’ll have to make sure you get permission from that Keeper to employ one of the dwellers in their abode. After paying the Keeper of the Gate, you have to find the right spirit. Once you find the right spirit, you have to communicate with him/her in order to hammer out a contract. Once the agreements are made, you can’t go back on them. At that point, you’ll have to “buy” the dirt by leaving a monetary or alcoholic offering behind in its place, sometimes both. Other offerings may depend upon the things the spirit liked in life. And then once it’s purchased, you have to thank the Keeper of the Gate, and then return home via a different route ~ because technically you don’t even want the spirit you’re employing to come home with you. You can communicate with them and feed them via the graveyard dirt, but you don’t want them living with you forever. At some point, you’ll have to dismiss them from their service.

Sixth: just because this spirit might have been your ancestor doesn’t make them any more vested in your outcome. My dead great grandmother, I’m pretty sure, doesn’t care one hill of beans to help me have random, casual sexual encounters. Likewise, an ancient ancestor really doesn’t give a shit about your boss being a dick ~ it doesn’t have a direct effect on the continuation of your bloodline. If your dead ancestor was anything like my great grandmother, she’d say, Chile ya gots no ideer ~ you didn’t live during the depression ~ we all gotta put up with shit from somebody, so suck it up, punkin. If your ancient ancestor was, say, a Cherokee, he’s not likely to fight for you against “the white man,” if you, yourself are Caucasian. On the other hand, if  you happen upon a great uncle who fought during Viet Nam, but disagreed with the premise of that war, he may be willing to help you underhandedly “screw the man.”

So again ~ graveyard dirt is not really about your intent. It’s a method of contacting a spirit to employ. Although it can be an ingredient in a powder, oil, incense, etc., the only reason is to help that spirit find the target, accomplish its mission or give it instruction for its purpose. The dirt itself has little to do with the working.

Before you go running off to the graveyard, try to do a little research. A random spirit could follow you home and ruin your whole fucking life. I’ve dealt with it before. You don’t have to listen to me, but don’t come running here when you end up divorced, jobless, penniless and homeless. Cause some of these dead people are real dicks like that. Don’t play with fire until you know you’re able to put the fucker out.

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