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Casual Sex Magic

Most of the time, the people I talk with about sex magic think that I’m referring to something on the spiritual side of things. Like Tantra. But in all reality, Tantra is a spiritual practice, not necessarily a technique for magic. It’s meant for elevating your sexual intercourse to a spiritual level, deepening your emotional intimacy with your partner. It’s all about actually enjoying your partner’s whole person, rather than just fucking. If you get a chance to try some Tantra, by all means, do so. It can change lives.

But we’re not talking about Tantra here. We’re talking about sex magic, and that’s a completely different animal.

Inner & Outer

circle3There are two types of magic: theurgy and thaumaturgy. Theurgy is the practice of ritual magic focused on the goal of self-improvement by way of uniting with the Divine.[ref]Theurgy, Wikipedia Entry[/ref] I define this as “inner magic,” because it’s really all about growth and improvement of yourself as a human being. Thaumaturgy, on the other hand, is the practice of ritual magic for the purpose of obtaining less-abstract goals. I see this as “outer magic,” because it’s all about getting real, concrete results in your outer reality.[ref]Thaumaturgy, Wikipedia Entry[/ref]

Side note: Some people might think of these two types of magic as “high magic” or “low magic.” To me, however, these are different references – high magic is ritual magic, while low magic is folk magic. Either ritual or folk magic can be theurgy (for self-improvement and unification with the Divine), and either ritual or folk magic can be thaumaturgy (practical, “get-yo-ass-fed” kind of magic). See the distinction?

The sex magic we’re on about here is the more practical, down-to-earth magic. Sex in the context of ritual for the purpose of unification with another spirit is beautiful. But that carries with it the connotation that you’ll be “wed” to the spirit and will be in a partnership with it for the rest of your life – or at least plan to – but we’re not going into the deep, dirty spirit-work end of sex magic in this post.

The Magical Process

energyballThe point of most methods of sex magic is to get your intent fired out into the universe. If you know anything about spell-casting or witchcraft at all, you’ve probably heard of this version of the magical process:

>>> raise energy;
>>> program the energy raised;
>>> release the energy to do its work.

This is not a difficult process, of course.

You can raise energy through active methods: dancing; drumming; chanting; singing; yoga; etc. Or by passive methods: breathing; mindfulness meditation; visualization; etc. Or you can use a combination of these (chanting a mantra or key phrase while visualizing, for example).

In this first step, though, you’re not thinking about your desire. Instead, you’re focused on raising the energy.

The second step – programming – is where  you start to focus on your desire. Many of the same methods that one would use to raise energy can be used to program the energy.

And then the final step is, of course, to release the energy to go manifest your will/desire.

Using sex magic to do these three steps can take a good amount of practice.

As an example:

To raise energy, you might watch some porn and do what’s called “edging” (masturbating just until you feel like you’re about to ejaculate, but instead of cumming, you stop and hold back; this is repeated multiple times over long periods of time, sometimes hours or days).

To program the energy, you might visualize or chant a key phrase. Or you may (as in Chaos Magic) draw a sigil from a set of directives or commands you’ve created. Or you may drum and sing or simply do breathwork accompanied by visualization. Whatever the case, your goal is focus on the desire, not the energy itself.

To release the energy to manifest your goal, you’d masturbate and let yourself cum on your paper sigil. Or you’d just let yourself ejaculate, period, to fire it off. And then you can either tuck your paper sigil, neatly folded, into your underwear and keep it on your person for a couple of days (or until your desire manifests). Or you can burn it to further release the energy.

But – and this is true in a lot of ways regarding most magic – sometimes a taboo needs to be broken. Not because it is inhibiting your magic, but because its a more effective method of firing off the intent and energy. You can imagine that, in some small way, edging (as in the example) for several days and not allowing yourself to ejaculate would build up phenomenal amounts of energy (in non-magical parts of life, we just call it, “feeling horny”). And after several days of that, the mind might sort of begin to see cumming as “taboo,” in some small way. And when you finally do bust – BOOM – that intent is really cast far and wide.

All of this can be done in a ritual context – except the raising of energy, of course. In our example, you’d have to still go to work every day and cook supper and all those things you do to keep yourself alive and sane. But be forewarned: the buildup of semen within the male system can drive you off the wall bonkers. I’ve edged for so long before that I started seeing spirits everywhere I went – including my job.

One of My Methods

Okay, so here’s one of my methods for casting a spell. Try it sometime. It may seem … unseemly, morally irresponsible or unethical … but it doesn’t feel that way. You might have to be a little bit kinky for it to suit you.

I first think about what it is I want. And then I spend a little while thinking about what my life might be like if I were to get exactly what I want. I don’t just think, “Oh, wow, life would be so much better with a higher paycheck; and this is what I would do …” No. I sit down and, over a few days, purposefully journal about what life might look like. I weigh the pros and the cons and figure out if this is something I really want or need. I don’t use this technique for silly shit, like getting a new car. I use this technique for big stuff, like finding the best possible place to live on our current income, or finding the best possible new Coven member under the circumstances – things that mean something to my existence. Or at the very least, things that could heavily impact my well-being.

Side note: I once used this technique to remove a malignant cancerous mass from a friend’s brain. The doctors didn’t know what the fuck happened.

Next, I figure out whether I need physical items for the spell. If I do, I gather them up and keep them nearby.

Soon, I start to raise energy by doing the edging thing (mentioned previously). For several days, I masturbate just to the precipice and then back off. I do this several times throughout the day, also, for that period of several days.

The aforementioned physical items are part of the programming. So once I’ve gotten my energy all raised up, I gather my physical items for, say, a Spirit Bag. I put the Spirit Bag together while speaking my desires to the ingredients and coaxing them to come together as one spirit entity to accomplish my will. While I’m speaking my instructions and desires, I keep putting little grains of sugar on the tip of my tongue as they dissolve. Where I’m from, we call this particular act sweet-talkin’. And once it’s done, I baptize the bag in good old fashioned neat Kentucky Bourbon and tell it to come to life, remember its power as a created being and name it.

Programming is done – time for release.

So I set up a night at a local adult bookstore or bathhouse and get fucked in the ass by total strangers, often without ever seeing their faces. (Told you you might need to be a little kinky.) Usually, it’s multiple men, one after the other. And while the actual sexual intercourse is taking place, I think about my desire, visualize what I want, and have my Spirit Bag nearby (under a pillow or in my pants pocket or whatever) – another level of programming the power.

And then when I’m satisfied, I jack off and cum all over the Spirit Bag (power released to do my bidding). I carry it with me until my desire is manifested.

Obviously, you can see the distinction now, right? This is not Tantra. This is down and dirty, nitty gritty, get shit done kind of magic. And it’s not just sexually satisfying – it’s also a great technique to make necessary changes quickly.

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