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4 Mistakes Almost Everyone Makes With Prosperity Magic

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I don’t claim to be an expert at money magick. We’re all teachers in some sense, but we’re all also students. And the real truth of it is: money is one of the weirdest, most explosive, and hardest-to-pin topics for a lot of people. There’s always going to be something new to learn about money, and money magick. And our relationship to money magick, and why we think it should be easy and instantaneous. (Self-growth-work: it helps a lot, try it out.)

Nevertheless, there are several mistakes that I see made – even still – by the most experienced of Witches, Mages, and Occultists.

And I’m going over the most common four (that I still see even now) right here.

Mistake #1: Burning Candles, Sitting On Butts

Most people who have been around the Occult community very long have probably heard of this issue.

You want a thing. You design some spellwork. You carry it out.

And then you sit on your butt, hoping for the result to saunter up to you and kiss you on the cheek.

But it doesn’t work that way.

Whatever goal you’re after, you have to put in some mundane effort, too. It’s called “constructing/maintaining a pipeline.”

I’ve said it elsewhere and I’ll say it again: magick tends to take the path to fruition that is most accessible. This is especially true of money.

Burning a green hunk of wax and sitting on your duff isn’t going to make a paycheck drop out of the sky. No matter how good at magick you are, it’s necessary to have applications and resumes out there, to go to interviews, and actually impress your would-be boss. It might not be sexy, but the fact is: magick ain’t gonna fix what you don’t care about fixing.

If you have a job, and it’s close to time for a raise (or something most people rarely see these days: a Christmas bonus), you might want to make that one path for the money magick to happen.

But notice I said one path. In other words: try to have as many pathways open as possible. A squishy bag of billions like the bank uses isn’t going to appear out of nowhere. (You can buy these at Amazon if you really want one, by the way.) Have a job and a side-hustle. Because I’m telling you: if the only way you’ve got to get your next buck is the death of your nearest rich relative, you’re probably as S.O.L. (“shit outta luck”) as the rest of us.

Mistake #2: Trying To Eat The Whole Elephant

Most people start with a goal. Or, if you prefer, something they want. A desire. Sometimes, it’s an outright need – like, paying the rent, or having a reliable vehicle to get back and forth to work.

And while all of these are perfectly legit goals, desires, and needs, no one says you have to swallow it all in one big gulp. I’m a huge fan of the Big Hairy Goal, but the problem with the Big Hairy Goal is that, if it’s the only thing you’re munching on, you’re gonna get a hairball. And all those do is make you puke.

So stop trying to devour a Wooly Mammoth, and try a Bison Burger here and there.
Break it down, work to accomplish your goal in steps. At some point, you’ve quietly realized everything you’ve ever wanted without consciously noticing it. All the while you’re accomplishing the little bits, you’ve actually done something else besides: kicked ass at building faith in your own ability to achieve the much-longed-for Big Hairy Goal. And before you realize it, you’ve unknowingly snuck the Big Hairy Goal in under the radar.

Mistake #3: Waiting Until The Shit Hits The Fan

This kind of goes along with the previous one. Please stop doing this! I still see it so often.

You don’t feed the Spirits of Place around your home. You don’t work with any other spirits or deities who are keen on your success. You don’t do anything with your Ancestors. You don’t regularly work a money altar, or, at the very least, a money mojo. You don’t do anything regularly at all.

And yet, when all of hell’s fury comes crashing down in your bank account, and you can’t pay your electricity bill, it’s all throw random magick at it. SHTAAAPP!!

You’re only hurting yourself. If you have to do emergency money magick, then by all means, do it. But prop it up with some regular, ongoing work. Remember that whole magick-takes-the-path-most-accessible-to-it thing I mentioned earlier?

If you do some ongoing work, you’re less likely to experience heavy resistance around receiving some necessary emergency results. So support your short-term emergency stuff, with long-term ongoing stuff.

To take it a step further: make sure your ongoing work is focused on step-by-step objectives to get you to a specific goal. Remember what you read up above: break it down. It’s easier to sneak the Big Hairy Goal in under the radar when you’ve been steadily focused on the Little Happy Boosters.

To take it even further, if you must do emergency magick, don’t do random stuff. Work with a magickal tech you’re already somewhat good at, so you can gauge your results better.

Mistake #4: Working That Energy, Man!

And this one is probably going to come as a shock to some of you. Maybe even get me ostracized by a few folks. But what the hell.

Money is not an unknowable, nebulous force way out in the universe somewhere. Money, like everything else on earth, is a spirit. Whether you believe that it’s an artificial spirit created by humanity, or an ancient spirit representative of all kinds of currency ever in all of human history, is up to you. But let go of this silly notion that money is “energy.” Yes, in some sense, everything is energy – but this is less the new age woo, and more the scientific, physics-type energy.

If you claim to be an animist in every other sense of the word, you can’t draw the line at money. It’ll make your brain-bits cross wires and get all discombobulated, and then you’ve got more heavy resistance on your hands, unbeknownst to you. So the sooner you start making that mindshift to the idea that money is a spirit, the better off you’ll be.
Like any spirit, the more you interact with the spirit of money, and build a mutually-beneficial relationship with it, the better it’s going to be for your bank account. And by mutually beneficial, I mean that you need to feed money, and that you can’t seek to entrap money.

Money is a traveler – it’s a spirit that does not like to be still. And if you try to hold onto it for too long, it will outright abandon you.

You know how we all say, “Well, if I won the lottery, I would give so-and-so this amount, and buy this person a house, and pay off my debt, and share this amount with that-other-one, and maybe pay off his-and-her debt, too.” And then when the lottery is won, and the money is there, the spirit of money is saying, “Okay, now keep your word.”

Instead, the lottery winner does absolutely not one single iota of the things they said they would do. Sometimes, they even go to the extreme of trying to pin money down. And money says, “Goodbye,” by possessing the winner to blow it all on room-fulls of crap.

Now before you say, “That’ll never be me, so I’m going to go blow my paycheck on Lotto,” stop. Take a deep breath. Pause for a moment. And think. The fact is: if you did win the lottery, you may have no choice but to do the usual, and blow it all on crap. It really depends on how “grown” you are when you get there.

But in what is likely your current economic situation, buying a lotto ticket is a useless waste of cash. In some places, that two bucks can put a gallon of gas in your car to get to a job interview. Think it through.

Now, I’m not the person that says, “Get off your butt and get a job, you lazy moocher!” At least, not when it’s unwarranted. There are times people need help to set off on a moving path to bigger, better, badder-ass. And if that’s you, use all the government assistance you can get. But use it wisely, to get a grip on your situation.

If you’re really looking to make a splash as you dive into the stream of money magick, these are just a few things to keep in mind. Don’t aim for the big stuff right away – at least not without also aiming for the little stuff. Do some ongoing work. Repair and/or build your relationship with the spirit of money. If you have to do emergency magick, do it, but support it with ongoing stuff. And instead of throwing random internet spells at the sudden, surprising situation, plan something out that you know you’re able to work with.

Like I said: money magick isn’t my most formidable area. But I’m getting a lot better at it, by working on my goals one chunk at a time.

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