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BUT ... if you're really serious about making your dreams a reality, and living your ideal life, then you may want to consider how direct interaction with the Spirit World might impact your efforts.

Communicating directly with the Spirits in your Spiritual Court could maximize all your efforts to aim for the stars.

To help you with that ... welcome to the special offer for ...

12 Week Shamanic Journeywork Intensive


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Connect to the Web of Life that underlies the whole of the Universe.

Jumpstart your own Shamanic Spiritual Practice.

Be part of a real Shamanic Community.

Find Your Power Animals

Discover Your Spirit Teachers.

Perform Remote Power Animal Retrievals.

Christian T.

If you have not taken the 13 Day Shamanic Journeywork Intensive, you absolutely should! Alan Fuller is an amazing author and teacher. He will introduce you to the realms of shamanism, and how you can bring these realms and practices into your own life. I was definately not dissapointed with the course, and I recomend it highly.

It's Time To Embark Upon A New Adventure

Indigenous shamans within their cultures were responsible for finding food, shelter, and medicine for their people. They were very practical in this regard, because, without their deep connection to the Spirits of Nature, their people would die for lack of resources. The techniques they developed have been used for all of history because they worked for our ancestors - and they can work for us today, as well.

Thanks to many Anthropologists who also happened to be Spiritual Seekers, we have access to the powerful tools of real transformation that these same Indigenous Shamans used.

In our extraordinarily fast information age, people are looking for a way to get back in touch with the very real, tangible world of the Spirits, to experience that deeper connection to Self, Nature, and Spirit firsthand. And guess what works for that? The oldest Spiritual Practice known to humanity, of course: the practice of Shamanic Spirituality. And one of the core skills of Shamanic Spirituality is - you guessed it! - Journeywork.

So come join me on this 13-Day excursion into the Realm of Spirit, and find a lasting, deep connection to your Guardians, Guides, and Ancestors.

We'll Talk About ...

Classical vs. Contemporary Shamanism

The Reality Of Shamanic Initiation

Journeys As A Core Practice

Traversing Into The Otherworld

The Hollow Bone

Preparation For Shamanic Journeying

Entry Points To The Otherworld

Shamans And The Spirits Of Place

An Overview Of The Otherworld

Are There Differences Between The Worlds?

Calling The Spirits

Power Songs

Calling The Spirits Redux

Prepping For A Full Journey

Power Animals/Animal Medicine

Ethics And Privacy In Shamanic Practice

Calling Back Your Power

Preparing For The Upper World

Working With Healing

Are We Transcending Ego?

Direct Revelation In Everyday Life

Illness From A Shamanic Perspective

Ceremonies For Healing

Power Animal Retrievals

Assessing Your Retrieval

Start Your Journey Now

$150 USD

  • 12 Weekly Lessons (2 the first week)
  • PDF & Video, Each Lesson
  • Private FB Community for Students Only
  • Experience at least 3 Types of Journeys
  • Learn to do Power Animal Retrievals
  • Find Your Own Power Animals
  • Discover A Spirit Teacher
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