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Tarot Reading: Opening Lines of Communication

In reworking some of the stuff from one of my favorite books, I decided to do a Tarot reading on the work I’ve been doing. My actual question is: What needs to be cleared so that Fetch and Godself have open, clear lines of communication? I’m using my favorite 7-card layout for this reading.

  1. Past One – 7 of Cups
  2. Past Two – Page of Rods
  3. Present One – Ace of Cups
  4. Present Two – Queen of Pentacles
  5. Present Three – 8 of Rods
  6. Future One – 0 The Fool
  7. Present Two – 6 of Swords

Past: I was a big dreamer in my past. I had great imagination and would let it run wild. That also means that I was gullible. I kid myself then on topics ranging from who was a true friend to my career path. Re: my spiritual path, I was kidding myself thinking that all the Christian people in my past were “real friends,” and that they really gave a rat’s ass about what happened in my life. Maybe they did at the time, but for the most part, they were probably faking it. So once I figured that out, I threw my hands in the air and waved ’em like I just didn’t care, said, “Fuck it,” and went on my own journey. Finally.

Present: I’m being told to follow my heart, to trust my intuition re: what needs to be cleared. But there’s also a clue here about the need for forgiveness – of myself (for things I’ve done and bad decisions I’ve made) and for others (for things they’ve done to me that I couldn’t control). My anger and negativity have to go – I have to let them go – in order for Fetch and Godself to have a clear, open line of communication. As long as I’m true to my word and remain trustworthy (keep my integrity) the lines will remain clear and free of debris. It’s a matter of completing some unfinished business, letting go of having to be “popular,” and not working with just any spirit that crops up in the community as a fad. I might actually have to leave a very specific community of people who are constantly negative, constantly judging, constantly being staunch and stoic, trying to fight against the very thing that created their kind of magic.

Future: This new beginning, this seemingly new territory of the unknown, will bring on a new phase in my life path. Although I know this road, as I’ve been down it before, perhaps the light is just slightly dimmer this time – new illumination is on the way. But I must be careful. I cannot let myself slip back into that old way doing things – that old way of being drawn into every negative outpouring. If I stand my ground, forgive and carry on, I’ll pick up the pieces, recover and begin a fresh new journey of discovery. The key is to not cling to the same “power” that I had before, but to embrace this fresh new power that flows so freely.

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