About – Alan Fuller | The Shaman Witch

Allow Me To Introduce Myself

I was like most kids. In my area, there was almost no one who was not raised in poverty.

But I was also NOT like other kids.

I had a great grandmother who practiced Appalachian folk magic. I learned the practical side of my Craft by observing her as I was growing up. And by having conversations with her. And pretty much all of the practical magic I do now comes from what she called her “secret book,” which she gave to me in 1994, just before her transition into the Otherworld.

And I regularly cavorted with beings in the Otherworld as a kid, having made my “portal” into the Otherworld from two intertwined Pine trees in my backyard.

But, I was also raised Bapticostal. And as a kid, I became increasingly disillusioned with the lack of logical answers. It seemed to me that, if a deity claimed to love its creation so much, there would be no reason to condemn it to eternal suffering and torment to begin with. So there would then be no reason to kill oneself for said creation’s redemption.

When my grandfather died in December, of 1986, I had no answers from the church about life, death, or the afterlife, that made any sense. I grew up with the church teaching that being gay is a sin, and that it meant that hellfire would be your punishment after death, if you succumbed to that temptation. Unless, of course, you "pray the gay away," and live a fake-straight life. And, of course, regardless of how you actually lived your life, so long as you pray to Jeezis before you die, it's all good, and they'll call you a "good man" at your funeral either way. None of that shit made any sense to me. It was outright illogical, and hypocritical, and it turned my stomach (yes, even at 10 years old I knew it was bullshit).

So I went on a search for myself.

During this search, one very big, very strange thing happened to me.

In 1987, I had gone to the grocery store on my ten-speed. I was on the way back home when, as I was crossing the main street in my subdivision, a car plowed me in my left side. I cracked the windshield of the vehicle with my forehead, rolled over the top of the car, and landed on my back on the pavement behind it. I only know this because of what I was later told.

I’m usually pretty reluctant to tell this story, and there are very few who know of it, but I figure it’s time to go public with it, after all these years.

During my unconsciousness, I was not in my body. I saw my body lying on the pavement for what seemed like a few seconds, and then I was lying on my back in the dirt by a large campfire. I began feeling hot, searing pain in various spots all over my body. When I began looking around, I saw three old women ripping at my flesh, and eating it. When the pain ended, I saw that they had placed various gemstones in the empty spaces of my body, and were replacing the flesh, and healing me.

Moments later, I awakened in the back of an ambulance, on the way to the hospital.

That day, at the age of 10, I believe I had a Shamanic Initiation. And I call these three women, “The 3 Grandmothers.” And I still speak with them regularly in my Journeywork.

Since that day, spirituality has been the most important thing in my life.

Slightly less than a year later, I found the book In The Shadow Of The Shaman, by Amber Wolfe. I practiced what Amber Wolfe taught, and explored on my own, attempting work with Diana, Dionysus, and a host of other Goddesses and Gods. My attempts to work with these deities failed miserably, until, in my research, I came across Cerridwen, at the end of 1989.

I began working with Her, in much the same way I tried to work with other deities previously. Even though I felt a very deep, very tangible connection to Cerridwen, and the mythology surrounding Her, I failed miserably, yet again, at my attempts to work with Her.

And then in 1990, I found Feycraft Wicca. I met a friend at school whose mother was the High Priestess of a Feycraft Coven. I met with the High Priestess a few times, and then, when she was satisfied with my sincerity, I was officially initiated into Feycraft, in 1990. For the next three years, I studied my butt off with this group, and in late 1993, I was given my Third Degree.

During my training in my Mother Coven, I returned to an attempt to work with Cerridwen in a much more disciplined way. And as I opened myself up to what Cerridwen wanted, rather than following a bunch of manmade rules, unique synchronicities began to take shape. Hawks seemed to become a mainstay in my life - I literally saw them everywhere. And one of my fellow Coveners, known for prophetic insight, came to me out of the blue one day, and said: “You’re a Priest of Cerridwen. Congratulations.” No one in the Coven besides my Initiator (the High Priestess) knew that I was working with Cerridwen outside of Coven life.

I’ve practiced Feycraft ever since 1990. Even though we have ritual structure, and a set order of things, Feycraft as I learned it was very free-flowing. It’s disciplined, but not over-regulated. The goal is feeling that ecstatic unification with the web of life, with Spirit.

After I received my Third Degree, I began running Feycraft Covens of my own. I’m currently on my third Coven. We were technically founded in 2005, but went on hiatus. Mystic Star Coven reopened it’s gates in 2014, and we’ve been going strong ever since.

In my own life, and practice, I’ve done a lot of experimenting over the years.

  • I did some Nichiren Buddhism (ala Tina Turner) while the Coven was on hiatus. Not my thing, but a beautiful practice that yields good results for most who attempt it.
  • I do regular work with Kwan Yin (a Buddhist Bodhisattva), Who I’ve been working with since high school (quite a while ago!).
  • I do regular work with Ganesha, who reached out and tapped me on the head with His trunk in 2009, but I was a stubborn shit, and didn’t actually start working with Him until 2014 - which is when He broke a whole crapton of obstacles in my life.
  • I regularly do Shamanic Journeys into the Otherworld, where I connect with my Helping Spirits.
  • I continue to use strategic magickal and spiritual intervention in my own life to rearrange circumstances the way I like them to be.

I’ve worked with several Spirits, and Deities off and on over the years, mostly for some one-off goals, et cetera. But the fact is, my Spiritual Court is pretty extensive. No matter what I do, my base practice always remains, which is a combination of practical magick (from my great grandmother’s Appalachian folk practice), my Shamanic explorations, and Feycraft.

My Commitment To You

  • I only teach what I practice.
  • Inner work is necessary for outer work to go right, so I teach both.
  • Animism is key to a proper Shamanic spiritual practice. It's not easy to be an Animist in our modern, psychology-driven world. But I'll do my best to help you get there, because Animism is what drives the power of a ShamanWitch.
  • You deserve to live an amazing, abundant, unrelentingly awesome life. And I want to help you get there.

All The Title-y Stuff

  • Third Degree in Feycraft, since 1993
  • High Priest of Mystic Star Coven, Louisville, KY, since 2005
  • Priest of Cerridwen, since 1991
  • Intuitive Tarot Reader, since 1993
  • Graduate of Hypnosis Motivation Institute (Hypnotherapist Diploma), 2008
  • Certified Past Life Regression Therapist (HMI, CA), 2008
  • Ordained Minister (Universal Life Church), since 2015 (the second time, after having lost my original Ordination Certificate)
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Certified Crystal Healer
  • Usui Reiki Master, since 2005
  • Claircognizant and Clairsentient, since very early childhood