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12 Week Shamanic Journeywork Intensive

12 Week Shamanic Journeywork Intensive

Hermiting yourself away on a mountain in Tibet sounds like a fun thing to do for those of us who put large amounts of stock in spirituality. Going on repeated Vision Quests in the desert does, too. But you don't have to do those things.

You can learn a practice common to almost all classical Shamanic cultures. It's easily adapted for modern practice, and it's fun!

Enjoy direct access to Spirit, instead of going through intermediaries, in a way that helps you learn to stop second-guessing your contact with Spirits.

  1. Enroll in the Intensive.
  2. Follow the steps laid out.
  3. Enjoy your new Shamanic Journeying practice!

My commitment to you:

  • I only teach what I practice myself.
  • I won't abandon you after the course.

Come be a part of a real Community of Otherworld Explorers. Establish a tangible, lasting connection to Spirit. Discover your natural spiritual gifts, and bring them into your everyday life.

Deepen your connection to Self, Nature, and Spirit. Access Powers Unseen.

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