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Obstacle Smackdown Work

Obstacle Smackdown Work

Obstacle Smackdown work includes:

  • correctly constructing your petition, and writing it in Dragon's Blood Ink
  • full Puja (traditional offering ritual) to Ganesha, the Obstacle Breaker
  • traditional 108-count chant of Ganesha's mantra over your petition
  • and a 7-day (dressed and loaded) Ganesha/Road Opener candle burn

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I'll email you within 24 hours to determine what your petition is going to be. We can revise it until you and I agree it's good to go, and then I'll start the work the following Monday, when I do my regular Ganesha work.

Obstacle Smackdown work is perfect for when you just feel like you need some new opportunities, or there's a challenge standing in the way of your goal that you'd like to have removed. Almost any situation can be addressed with Road Opener/Obstacle Smackdown work. It's all in the approach.

Normally $125. Until the end of June, in honor of a friend's birthday who is no longer with us, I'm offering it for only $65.

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