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Master The Art Of Making Powerful Mojo Bags

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Are you looking to make authentic, powerful mojo bags, and customize them to suit your needs?

The Spell In My Pocket is written from an authentic Appalachian Rootwork perspective. It took me a while, but I finally figured out that what my great grandmother was doing (making mojos, vials, and packets for her Clients) was a real thing. I used to make these for Clients, too, but business became really busy. So to serve more people, I wrote The Spell In My Pocket.

If you don't have a local Teacher for this kind of thing, look no further. There are actual, authentic Appalachian Rootwork secrets in The Spell In My Pocket.

  • How to tell if your mojo is dying, and ready to lay to rest.
  • How to actually lay it to rest and gain closure.
  • The secret to what really makes a mojo an extremely powerful form of magick (hint: it's a spirit).
  • Why certain numbers of ingredients are used, and how to determine what number you need.
  • How to attach planetary energies to your Mojos, Packets, and Vials.
  • And more.

I only teach what I've used. And, all 13 of the mojo/packet/vial spell recipes that I've included at the back of the book are real. I've either used them personally, or I've made them for Clients. So I know these formulas are workable, and customizable.

Praise For The Spell In My Pocket


The authors "voice" comes through as intelligent, approachable, and as someone I could sit with for coffee and just listen and learn from. There is no high and mighty attitude here ...

Kiri Pawo

The step by step process is easy to learn and follow, and his discussion on how to "activate" and later put to rest a mojo are invaluable.

There's no fluff here, just solid magical tech & a touch of insight into Appalachian customs.

Befriending The Unseen

A Modern Witch's Secrets Of Working With The Spirit Realm

COMING OCTOBER 2018, just in time for Samhain!