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3 Myths About The Gods Sometimes Told To New Witches

Long, long ago, in a land far, far away, I was trained in a Coven. Most of my readers know that already, right?

The fact is: I love Covens. There’s a special something that working in a Coven – an actual one, that is more fam than your actual blood kin – brings to the table. Call it “extra oomph,” if you want. Or attribute it to being more social and spiritual, than religious. Whatever the case, I like it better than always working as a Solitary.

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What Your Witchy Elders Might Not Tell You

As you know, I’ve been doing the “back to basics” thing. I’ve been doing a Goddess Immersion Exercise, and it’s going quite well. I’ve also been sitting in the silence, and doing my energy work more often. That’s also going quite well.

But in meditation the other day, the thought just kind of hit me: there are things I know now, that I didn’t know when I started on this path. Some of these things would’ve made it a lot easier to deal with, had they been verbally conveyed to me.

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A Witch’s Words of Wisdom

When I think of “words of wisdom,” I think of old adages that have been passed down through time. Things your grandmother would say, for example. Tidbits of advice that, when followed, made life easier, and hardship more manageable.

So I thought – why not talk a little bit about some of the things my Elders taught me? And then it occurred to me that all of the words of wisdom I live by don’t necessarily come from my Elders.

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The Ugly Truth About Ritual

It was a gorgeous night. The sky was clear, the winds were warm, and the full moon hang high in the dark void above. The silver orb shone down and filtered through the trees, leaving dancing shadows across the forest floor that looked a little like whirlygigs. An owl gave out its hoot in the distance.

Dee, the High Priestess in charge of the ritual that night, made sure to bring everything we needed. Red wine and sweet cakes for the Red Meal, the usual circle casting tools, and a special effigy to put at the North of the circle.

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How I Feel About Fate

I’ve been asked so many times if I’m a, “heathen.” I suppose that really depends upon the definition of the word. I was certainly called a heathen by my mother plenty throughout my childhood.

The dictionary defines heathen as, “a person who does not belong to a widely held religion (especially one who is not a Christian, Jew or Muslim) as regarded by those who do.” In other words, if you’re not one of The Big Three, you’re a heathen. The term heathen is, correctly, synonymous with the word pagan.

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Why I Teach In My Coven

Often, when someone new applies to join the Coven, they’re shocked to realize that we have “Dedicant Classes.” They’ll often wonder what that is or what it entails. Truth be told, those classes are more Feycraft-oriented, so it’s kind of like someone is expected to have at least read some material on modern Wicca, know what the typical Sabbats are and some of the more general Craft-related knowledge. Even those folks are sometimes surprised to learn that we do have a sort of informal classroom setting at our Covenstead.

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7 Things That Get Me Labeled “Traditionalist”

Quite often, I see youngling Witches come into the Craft with a glimmer in their eyes and a spring in their step. They’re excited to get moving, to jump into the deep end and start bustling along with gumption and gusto. I see it so much because I open our Coven up to new Dedicants each year, and will until our space is full. I appreciate the new-student shininess. I remember my days of being a fledgling Pagan and Witch and being so super-excited to get on with the magic and mayhem.

And it does us well to warn them of the dangers of being so super-excited. Being in such a state where our emotions are running high with excitement and enthusiasm can make us quite vulnerable. I suppose the more proper term is “gullible.” When we’re new, and everything is so exciting and our adrenalin is pumping, we tend to forget some basic safety rules. The problem is that there are some basic safety rules being touted out there that really aren’t conducive to group-work at all. And, in fact, may violate some of the fundamental ideas behind Coven work.

Let’s talk a bit of truth here.

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