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Let’s Talk Leadership

Let’s talk about leadership for a moment. What does leadership mean to you? Does it have to do with having a big title, like High Priest? Or does it have to do with what you actually do, like facilitate? Or is it really about how you organize things in the group, or “market” it, or what kind of image you put your group together to display to the public?

Truth be told, leadership is about none of those things.

Coven leadership is about people. And, leading a Coven successfully does not depend upon you and you alone. You’ve heard the phrase, “It takes a village to raise a child,” haven’t you? (I think Hillary Clinton even wrote a book called It Takes A Village, because it really does.) Successful Coven leadership depends upon the leader, for sure, but also on the Coveners (also called Membership).

In other words: you can’t be a leader if you have no followers.

So here’s the thing >> I tend to view Coven leadership in five stages of growth.

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How to Build a Coven from Scratch

Ever thought of starting your own Coven? There’s something to be said for group work – it has it’s advantages over solitary work (but that’s another post). One thing is for absolute certain: starting a Coven from scratch is so not easy. After running three Covens spanning a period of over twenty years, you learn a few things about the shit-storm of starting one from scratch.

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What Makes a Successful Coven

Conflict comes in many shapes and sizes when it comes to group work. Covens and other magico-spiritually-oriented groups are no exception to this rule. It seems like the same stuff happens over and over again in a small group such as a Coven. But that’s okay – if it’s happened before, maybe experience has taught you how to deal with it. Some of the most common issues I’ve dealt with in the past as a Coven leader are here – along with some ideas about how I’ve handled them.

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Non-famous Ain’t Bad

This post was originally written in December of 2014. I have revised it to reflect information that I know to be a fact and am entitled, as an Elder of my Faith, to reveal without breaking any of my Oaths.

So I was reading an article the other day about this dude who takes a month and dips his toe in the water of various religions to see what they’re like. I get that he’s taking a reality-tv-like approach and dabbles here and there ~ we’ve all dabbled a bit in something at some point in our lives. He grabbed his ritual bling and he did a thirty-day-stint in Wicca.

What I don’t like is that he pretends to know what the fuck is going on in a religion where people have devoted their entire lives to studying and practicing  but still don’t get it all. Yet, he pretends that a month is long enough to experience the true power of that religion? Baldersdash, I say! Balder-fucking-dash!

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