Modern Paganism – Page 6 – Alan Fuller | The Shaman Witch

Knotwork Chant

I believe part of this came from Deborah Harkness. I’m not certain that she wrote the original, as I’ve seen it in many places, but hers is the first I thought about when I decided to put this chant here. I believe Deborah’s version might’ve only gone up to six, but I could be mistaken there, as well. At any rate, I’ve taken the liberty of rearranging some of it for my own use. I just recently rediscovered this chant in one of my journals.

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Be A Goddess, Week Seven

(Note: this should’ve been published on 5/30, but I fell slightly behind as I was returning from camping vacay and taking care of the mundane things.)

Week Seven is about “endless sources of power.” Earlier in the book, we learn about everything being connected, everything being made of this power/energy that Francesca calls “mana” (and that the Huna call mana, also), but which I have called, “Awen.” It is the same power known by many names, including Chi, Kundalini, Life Force, et cetera. And it is not a make-believe spiritual power – it is a literal, full-on, you-can-feel-it power.

One of the assignments was to go out into nature to feel/sense this power. Our camping trip was the perfect opportunity for me to do that. I sort of skipped ahead a little for that reason, because I wasn’t going to have much more of an opportunity for it. But, in my intent to be spiritually mundane and mundanely spiritual – incorporating it all into my daily life and reality – I realized that I could do the same thing in my backyard. And so I did.

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Be A Goddess, Week Six

This week in Be A Goddess, the focus was primarily on (1) doing something just because it’s fun; and (2) continuing purification rites from week 3.

Since I’ve been partially through the book before, the first time around, I did something a little more involved. I did the Earth Purification Rite from Week Three, but I also went ahead and created/adapted/remembered Purification Rites for the other three elements.

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Be A Goddess, Week Five

Well, it’s been some time since I’ve worked the Be A Goddess book. I had to take a short break because of work. Since I got that job, I had to do some training, which took a lot of my focus, and then do some hands-on work to get the feel of it all. Now that I’m on my regular shift working nights, I can pick it back up again. I haven’t really stopped saying the prayers – it’s just been on a few-times-a-week basis, rather than a daily one. But that’s changed. So I pretty well skipped the month of April, but I’m back and going strong.

This past week was all about purification, removing blocks and being safe on your path.

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Honoring Ganesh

I totally love Ganesha! I mean, seriously, I love Ganesha. I can’t describe how in love with Ganesha I am. It’s not just because of what He’s done for me, either. Ever since I did my first Puja, my life has drastically changed. Doors have opened that I never would’ve dreamt about a year ago. I have a job in a completely different field (Nursing is my primary, so it isn’t in Nursing) making more money than I would’ve been making as an entry-level Licensed Practical Nurse. My relationship has changed, as well, in ways I could’ve never imagined (good ways – great ways!).

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Be A Goddess, Week Three

For this week’s lesson in Be A Goddess, I’m supposed to take a few journal entries to meditate on Francesca’s Faerie Tradition Creation Myth No. 1, line by line. Here are some excerpts from those journal entries (the myth is in italics, my thoughts in plain text):

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Be A Goddess, Week One

Today is the first week’s lesson in Be A Goddess, by Francesca DeGrandis. My plan is to complete the entire “program,” since I’ve only completed partially, and that was several years ago. I want to take my time, do the lessons as they’re laid out, and see where the end result of doing this work takes me.

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