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Be A Goddess, Week Nine

(Note: this should’ve been posted around the 19th of June, but I’ve just finished revising it. I’m not totally satisfied, but I can’t wait any longer to get it on the site. Enjoy!)

Be A Goddess week nine is about pride, sex and what you consider holy.

One of the assignments was to answer a list of questions about pride. The goal is to dig deep into some of your stuff to find just what it is that needs working in order to improve.

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Cum n Get It Mojo, Constructed

On Tuesday, the 10th of June, I constructed the Cum N Get It Mojo. I actually made two of them (one for myself and one for the hubs, because, as I said in Muck Fuck Mojo, we’re in an open relationship now, fulfilling a certain dream we’ve both had), which took close to the full hour. I’d finished them up just in time.

Now, if you know me fairly well as a Witch, you know I’m all about the Witch’s Pyramid (not Witches because that’s plural, and the name of it should show ownership, not plurality, grammatically speaking – yes, that’s always bugged me). The North face of the Witch’s Pyramid is To keep silent, which has a number of implications. One of those implications is that it’s in good form to “keep silent” about spellwork. The assumption is that telling too many people spreads the power too thin, especially if those people do not believe in magic, and, thus, the spell has a smaller chance of success.

But for most of my magic, I like to give my experimentation some air-time amongst fellow Believers.

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Be A Goddess, Week Eight

5208cbd4ea34f8921e3a4afe9a2b64b1Week Eight has been about the three selves. Most people associate the idea of the Three Selves with Feri ala Victor and Cora Anderson, which Victor apparently adopted from Huna. Because Francesca DeGrandis was trained in Feri and then founded The Third Road, it makes sense.

But just a quick side note: Feri isn’t the only Tradition that utilized this information in its work. So did the Tradition in which I was trained. I still use the Three Selves concept in my practice in the ways in which I was taught. (Part of what my Tradition does with the Three Selves is still an Oathbound secret, which is why I’m working on restarting Mystic Star Coven.) Amber K also mentions utilization of the Three Selves in ritual design in a particular book, but that’s not for today. I’m off topic, so getting back to it …


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Knotwork Chant

I believe part of this came from Deborah Harkness. I’m not certain that she wrote the original, as I’ve seen it in many places, but hers is the first I thought about when I decided to put this chant here. I believe Deborah’s version might’ve only gone up to six, but I could be mistaken there, as well. At any rate, I’ve taken the liberty of rearranging some of it for my own use. I just recently rediscovered this chant in one of my journals.

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Cum n Get It Mojo

I decided to remake the Much Fuck Mojo and I’m renaming it, too. I don’t like the old name so much, so I’ve started calling it something a little more to its purpose – the “Cum n Get It Mojo.” I’ve reworked the ingredients to be a bit more effective for my purposes because it has come to my attention that the previous formula might be slightly too feminine for what I’m after here.

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Kundalini Rising

Due to some of my spiritual/shamanic work, and some self-exploration, I’ve been feeling kind of artsy lately. Something I was inspired with the other day while at work kicked off this whole art thing. Of course, I’m not the best at drawing and such, but I do try. Anyhow, I may have seen similar to this particular piece before, I’m not sure. But I was inspired to draw it, so I did. (Because of my lighting, the paper looks yellow or tan, but it’s actually white paper from a sketchbook.) The outline is black ball-point pen, the color is colored pencil.

Kundalini Rising

Be A Goddess, Week Seven

(Note: this should’ve been published on 5/30, but I fell slightly behind as I was returning from camping vacay and taking care of the mundane things.)

Week Seven is about “endless sources of power.” Earlier in the book, we learn about everything being connected, everything being made of this power/energy that Francesca calls “mana” (and that the Huna call mana, also), but which I have called, “Awen.” It is the same power known by many names, including Chi, Kundalini, Life Force, et cetera. And it is not a make-believe spiritual power – it is a literal, full-on, you-can-feel-it power.

One of the assignments was to go out into nature to feel/sense this power. Our camping trip was the perfect opportunity for me to do that. I sort of skipped ahead a little for that reason, because I wasn’t going to have much more of an opportunity for it. But, in my intent to be spiritually mundane and mundanely spiritual – incorporating it all into my daily life and reality – I realized that I could do the same thing in my backyard. And so I did.

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Much Fuck Mojo


I get pretty graphic in this post because I’m being completely transparent and real here. If you have qualms about promiscuity, you should probably avoid this post. Consider yourself duly cautioned.


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