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Demonic Questions

Every now and again, I get someone who flies by the blog and rattles off a few questions. Sometimes, I can sense that they’re silly questions, and that the person is likely asking just for entertainment purposes. We call that trolling.

Lately, there’s been a rash of folks interested in demonology and, for some strange reason, this person thought I was “the expert” to give them answers to these pressing concerns. So here’s my list of answers to the top six questions I’ve been emailed recently. I’m not saying all of these are legit questions, but it was fun answering them.

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Is Magic Based In Spirituality?

Having a blog means that I sometimes get emails, and those emails are generally questions. Often, they’re questions about my opinion on a certain situation – or they’re questions like, “Can you do a money/love/sex/romance/work/career spell for me?”

Truth: yes, I can do a money/love/sex/romance/work/career spell for you. But, I have a limited number of Clients, and the reason is time. The Clients I currently work with are those who came to me long ago, back when I first started blogging, or who heard about me around that time from then-current Clients. Because of my current creative projects that I’m working on for the voracious readers and avid fans of this blog, I don’t currently take on new Clients. (That could change later, but right now, time is of concern.)

Having said all that, let’s just be honest: magic works, but it might not work if your background is way far off in right field and very, very different from mine. And that’s because of what I said above: spirituality.

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Masterful Mars

The Mystical Implications

Mars is a hefty planet of power. And not just any power, but power that is so potent, you could use it to move almost any obstacle. In Roman mythology, Mars wasn’t just a god of war, but also of agricultural concerns. He was not a god of chaotic killing, but of ordered, military force. He was viewed in many ways as a god who assisted in the attainment of peace, rather than the causation of war and battle. Mars was often considered to be the consort of Venus and many works of art were dedicated to this coupling.

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Moon Madness

“Cold-hearted orb that rules the night,
Removes the colors from our sight,
Red is grey and yellow white,
But we decide which is right,
And which is an illusion.”
~ From the album Days of Future Passed (The Moody Blues)

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Sun Salute

And, here’s my Planetary Powers post on the Sun! I knew this one was coming! It’s one of my favorites, just because of the association of the Sun with Victory. And because we’re in that time of year where the Sun is returning to us.

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Venusian Currents

I had not intended for my first post on the Planetary Powers to be about Venus, but I’ve been drawn to this particular planet for some time now.

I believe there are a few major reasons.

Venus, when addressed in a Neopagan sense, is categorized as a Goddess of love, beauty and art. Fine. I can always do with a little more love, beauty and art in my life, for sure. But that led me down a whole new rabbit hole – one that I’d already been intimately familiar with, to be truthful.

Venus isn’t just a Goddess of love, beauty and art. In fact, Venus is more than a Goddess or a Planetary Power. And here’s why.

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What Are The Planetary Powers?

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to be doling out information on the planets. I know a lot of people have abandoned the concept of planetary magic. There are a few of us left. Some folks are involved in (or were at one time) heavy “High Magick,” or Ceremonial Magick. There are also those who use planetary concepts in their own systems, amalgamated from a variety of sources.

But it seems like a lot of Witches either don’t use planetary magic anymore, or they just don’t talk about using planetary magic. Either way, for those of you who are interested in the use of planets and their virtues in your own spellcraft, I’m going to post on it over the next few weeks.

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