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Guardian Of The Godself Cowrie Reading

IMPORTANT! Please follow these instructions.

Thanks for purchasing a Guardian Of The Godself Cowrie Reading.

Please read (and follow) the steps below to receive your reading:

  1. Reply to your Email Receipt, making sure that the ONLY email address in the TO field is
  2. Include your birthdate, as well as a photo (such as a Facebook profile pic) of you, if you're comfortable doing so.

Please give me 48 hours from the time you send this to me.

I will complete your Reading, and email you back with a link to a PDF of your reading. It will contain information on why I interpret the Oracle to say what it says, as well as what to do next, and some things that you may want to consider when working with the particular Deity.

The PDF will be available for download for 7 days after I've emailed you the link. If you wish to keep it, please download it to your computer, as I will remove it from my Google Drive after 7 days.